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Wrong Golf Swing Advice

Golf Swing Myths You Will Want to Avoid

When it pertains to advice with the golf swing, it seems everyone seems to be an expert, even if they do not know what they’re talking about.  Well-intentioned people grab something they imagine they heard from another “expert” and will be more than eager to pass it along as being fact.  If you take the wrong golf swing advice and try to apply it, clearly it is going to send your game backwards.  The following are a few of the things that we have been told to do but should never do.

Here is Some Wrong Golf Swing Advice

1.    Slow down your golf swing.  We generate distance out of club head velocity, consequently to slow down our golf swing means reduced club head speed, and lower distance.  Proper coordination of the golf swing is essential for maximum efficiency for generating club head velocity; however that doesn’t imply slow the whole swing down.  Good golf swing tempo often calls for slowing down some areas of the body to maintain proper timing with other parts.  For a lot of golfers this usually equates to slowing down their arms, that is certainly what you don’t want to do.


2.    Keep a rigid left arm.  Even among pro golfers, the straightness with the left arm varies.  But it really should not be a rule for any golfer.  Issues start with nearly all amateur golfers because of stiffness within the golf swing.  By relaxing everything they’d create more club head speed as well as a more consistent swing, but a rigid body throws everything out of whack.  And often that may be the result of attempting to keep the left elbow rigid.  Clearly you can’t bend your elbow excessively in the course of the golf swing.  But try to keep the left arm softer and much more relaxed, and when a little bend occurs, it is not going to lead to any trouble.

3.    Keep your head down.  This is probably confused with keeping your eye concentration with your golf ball, but one of the true swing killers will be keeping your head down.  A person’s head is pretty heavy, weighing between 8 – 12 pounds, and if it stays down throughout the swing it can make a person top heavy and ruin the whole movement of the swing.  To keep a proper rotating movement in the swing, it will be essential to keep the head more upright, but always maintain eye contact with your ball.  This is why people with bifocal glasses often cannot see the ball properly unless they tilt their head too far downward.  But keeping your head down would be swing error which will throw you out of stability.

The golf swing is very individualistic, meaning one tip will not work for everyone equally.  But whenever you hear advice like that listed above, keep in mind that it has to apply to your golf swing, and all-encompassing information very rarely applies to everyone.

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