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Winter Conditions Golf

Winter Conditions Golf- Here’s What You Must Account For

When we enter the colder months of the year, some people simply put the golf clubs away.  Nevertheless there are a few diehards that look for any golf course that is open.  And as we get towards the start of the golf season, there are going to be days after all the courses are open but the temperature is going to drop for a number of days, and if you have a tee-time booked, you’ll want to play through it.  That’s when it’s good to know a few ways to beat winter conditions golf.

Factors you must Consider when Playing in Cold Weather

1.    The way to dress.  Keeping your feet warm and dry remain of the greatest significance. This is when you’ll need golf shoes which are truly waterproof and will include socks that are warm.  Multiple layers starting with close-fitting underwear, tight-knitted sweaters that are turtleneck, wool pants, and lastly rain apparel as your top layer should keep you as warm as feasible devoid of totally limiting your movement.  Topping off your clothing will be a knit ski cap, that is certainly an absolute must.


2.    What to drink.  Alcohol might seem like it ought to keep you warm, however in reality has the opposite effect.  Instead, drink hot coffee or hot chocolate that you will transport inside a jumbo thermos.

3.    Adjust your swing.  The swing is naturally going to become restricted with the clothing, so do not battle it.  Swing using a little bit slower tempo than typical, and keep it more compact.  Consequently, you are going to require more club than normal, so don’t try to compensate by trying to get a bit more into the golf ball.  Simply accept the situation and grab a six or seven iron rather than an eight iron.

4.    Walk the course.  Not only will it be good exercise, but it’s going to keep you warmer than riding inside a golf cart (unless it is enclosed with a heater).  If you must have a golf cart, it should at the very least have a windshield.


Hand Warmers make a Good Addition to your Winter Golf Arsenal

Some other tips for golfing in cold weather:  pick up some of those small hand warmers that are available in plastic pouches.  Get a bunch of them, and all you need to do is to shake them getting them activated and they provide heat for up to eight hours.  Secondly, don’t expect to establish any course records in these conditions.  You are playing at this time as a result of your love for the game.  You will not be able to pull off some of the golf shots you would normally make.  You need to make it up having a better short game.

Should you be really intent on maintaining your golf proficiency up over the winter months but don’t need the suffering that comes with playing during freezing conditions, consider various indoor practice drills.  I have learned so much about flaws in my swing through watching my swing in a mirror.  I do know  I’ve surprised myself with just how much out of alignment I had been, or the amount of sway was within my golf swing.  In addition, it helps a great deal if you can find an indoor facility which enables you to videotape your golf swing.  There are numerous ways to beat the weather over the cold winter months.

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