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What Is Golf Swing Tempo and How Important Is It to Your Golf Swing

What Is the Meaning of Swing Tempo 

As we talk of golf swing tempo regarding the golf swing, we are talking about the glue that holds the swing together.  In basic terms, it is your pace with the golf swing, and is dictated not from the arms and legs but from the core of your body.  It’s going to vary for everybody, because everybody will pivot their body at varying speeds, consequently their golf swing tempo is going to differ.  And naturally when you get older, this pace that you will rotate your body will diminish, but it will have a significant bearing on how you play your

But good swing tempo is significant because without it the different areas of the body which go into the golf swing won’t interconnect. If the core, legs and arms are not in sync your body is going to struggle against itself, creating not just decreased distance but also inconsistency in accuracy.  Your golf swing is going to lack smoothness and will appear jerky and uncoordinated.  So for most golfers the easy response to the dilemma will be to slow down so that every area in the body can function jointly.  But there is going to be more to it than simply slowing down.

The Core of the Body Establishes the Tempo

As stated previously, the hub of your body will be where the remainder of the golf swing works from, and therefore the core dictates swing tempo.  And since the core of your body will have the capacity of rotating only so fast, (which will depend on the person swinging the golf club), the arms have got to stay coordinated.  But considering the arms have the ability to move with a quicker pace as opposed to your body, as we aim to get additional golf club speed and consequently more yardage, we normally attempt to do it through swinging our arms more violently.  This gets the whole thing out of sync, and the consequence will be invariably a poor shot.

Golf Slow Motion Picture Swing Secrets Of Effortless Long Shots

Golf Slow Motion Picture Swing Secrets Of Effortless Long Shots

So let your body get you to proper position at the point of ball contact, and permit the arms to take the lead from the body hub.  Next, what is the correct arm rhythm, or how briskly should the back swing be?  It is generally agreed the back swing should last three times longer to get to at the top of the back swing as it will  to get from the peak of the back swing to your golf ball at contact.  Therefore let’s say you’re to count to four starting at the point you begin to take the golf club back, at the top of your back swing you’d reach three, then with golf ball strike you will be at four.  You of course would not work on this when you’re on the golf course, however it will be a good exercise to do at the driving range, or just as you’re taking several swings with the club.

Another little training drill that might help is to grasp a golf club with both hands, club shaft parallel to the ground.   Turn your body into the back swing location and count to three, after which you can bring the body back to the golf ball contact point, reaching it at the four-count.  Through doing this you can feel the correct tempo, never overly fast or too slow, which is comfortable for you.  Then all you have to accomplish is take that correct rhythm to the course and have it integrated in your swing when you are concentrating on other golf course management issues.


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