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3 Reasons to use Rescue Clubs

What Is a Rescue Club- How Can It Help You

A Rescue Club Can Get You Out of a Variety of Problems

When people ask what is a rescue club, perhaps they have yet to discover there is really a club that makes getting out of troublesome locations much easier to achieve.  The rescue club, also referred to as the hybrid golf club, offers two individual purposes for the golfer: they insure that it is a lot easier to make full contact with the ball than the long irons, plus they allow us to free ourselves from difficult locations 150 yards and more from the green.  Each golfer should have at least one of those clubs in the bag, and as I age and now have learned how to make use of them I’m adding more regularly.

The Difference in a Rescue Club vs. a Hybrid Club?

TaylorMade 2009 Rescue Club with Graphite Shaft

TaylorMade 2009 Rescue Club with Graphite Shaft

They are pretty much the same thing with different names.  The makeup of a hybrid golf club offers it much of the feeling of the fairway wood but with a number of exceptions.  It’s got a hollow metal or titanium head that is designed to compress slightly during impact, then when it proceeds on the way to its original form will cause the ball to have a springing influence off the golf club face, termed impulse.  That’s the main reason why hybrid clubs replace rather than augment long irons, which don’t impart this impulse to the golf ball.

Rescue Clubs Get You Out of Trouble

The foremost reason they are called rescue clubs, however, has been their ability to allow you to play a troublesome golf shot and actually do something to progress the golf ball significantly instead of merely knock it away from trouble.  One example is where trees may be concerned.  Because of the shorter shaft of the hybrid club, you will not require as much area in which to swing the club as with the lengthier-shafted fairway woods and long irons.

A different advantage is playing a shot  from the rough.  While your fairway wood, owing to its bigger and less aerodynamic club head, is meant for skimming across rather than cutting into the turf to provide a divot, the hybrid intention allows you to get down into the rough in order to dig it out.  That’s never to say you are able to retain absolute control on the ball or be able to knock it a great amount, because clearly you will not be able to, however your odds of getting more of your club face into the golf ball is going to be very much improved.

The Advantages of the Rescue Club

So what is a rescue club going to give us in advantages?  Trajectory is going to generally be higher than either a fairway wood and long iron because of its higher loft, and for that reason as well as because there will likely be more backspin on the golf ball, forward momentum when the ball hits the ground is going to normally be minimal compared with the other golf clubs.  This needless to say is going to facilitate more aggressive golf shot-making during certain times, as the decrease of “roll” will allow for greater control.

This is still considered an innovative class of golf club, and as a result design is not governed by any normally accepted rules.  A good number come within comparable guidelines, so it seems the manufacturer’s intentions were to achieve a design that served a needed purpose, and that is what this golf club was built for.  We hope that you have learned what is a rescue club, and what it can do.  It has continued to help me improve my game even as my club velocity has lessened.


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