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Visualizing Your Golf Shot

The Value of Visualizing Your Golf Shot

There has been plenty of talk within sports on the subject of “visualization”. Likely the first time I heard of the concept was from Jack Nicklaus, who supposedly had a visual picture of his golf swing and the flight for the golf ball with each shot, and the roll for every putt. It’s also been utilized as a training tool for other sporting activities, like shooting free throws in basketball, but can visualizing your golf shot make you play better golf?

Visualization Works Better for Visual Learners

A lot of people are better proficient at this in comparison to others, and it possibly will involve just how an individual’s mind processes information. So-labeled visual learners are thought to process ideas and data better by using images. This can probably be developed to some degree, but if you can make use of this concept to picture your complete golf shot, it could help to become more consistent and provide a golfer better confidence with shot-making.

inar01_flick[1]When visualizing shorter, makeable putts you should visualize striking the golf ball, imagine it rolling over the intended line and always right into the hole. When imagining putts that are within the two-putt range, or in most instances ten feet or more the initial order of business would be to always keep the ball in a situation for the straightforward two-putt.

Visualize where You want the Putt to End

Now I’ll go against what appears to be standard thought. It is my opinion you must check out the golf hole and find out just where ideally you want you’re subsequent putt to be from. This obviously would be a straight, uphill putt, the easiest putt in golf. That can be your real target, and based on wherever the initial putt is from visualize a circle one or two feet around that target, after that visualize rolling your putt to that target.

I have heard very informed golf teachers say that you need to visualize a two-foot circle all around the hole and aim to get the ball in that vicinity. But even by successfully completing this task you may have a difficult two-footer when it is downhill with some break. Give me the four-foot straight uphill putt as opposed to a slick, downhill two-footer with break any day of the week.

Visualization may be used with golf shots from the fairway or off the tee. Obviously somewhat more is needed for visualizing these golf shots being that they are in three dimensions in comparison with two for putts. But the principle is the same: imagine the whole golf swing along with all swing keys that you are trying to employ at that time. After that imagine the shot using the correct flight-path that you wanted to opt for. It could take a little practice but for lots of golfers who’ve mastered shot visualization it’s really helped their game.

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