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Unconventional Golf Rules

Unconventional Golf Rules that Are Nice to Know

Possibly what makes any sport really great will be the nearly infinite number of circumstances you will observe during the course of watching it over time.  I’ve enjoyed baseball for over 50 years, and I marvel at the number of times I view something that I’d never witnessed before on any baseball field.  Just the most complex games offer so many variables.  And so it will be for golf.  There are a number of unconventional golf rules that rarely come up, but any serious golfer serious golfer should know what to do in these situations.


There may be only a handful of folks in the world that know even half of all the rules in the book.  We wind up applying whatever we know (or imagine we know) to make a ruling.  However there are so many circumstances which you simply attempt to do what you think is correct.  You can also find several rules which could really be unique.  We’ll go over several now, not as an instructional experience but as a fun exercise to demonstrate how crazy the golf rulebook can get.

Here Are a few of those Unconventional Golf Rules

1.  Removing morning dew from your ball.  If you enjoy playing golf early in the day, you are aware of how the ball gets covered with dew in the wet grass.  Should you wipe the ball off in any way, this is a two-stroke penalty.  A ball can only be cleaned previous to placing it on the tee or after marking on the golf green.  (Rule 13-2)


2.  Tending the pin.  When anyone is positioned close enough to the flag they will be able to touch it, it is regarded in the regulations that they’re tending the flag.  In the event the golf ball subsequently strikes the flag stick, even though played from away from the golf green, it will be a two-stroke penalty.  (Rule 17-1).

3.  The instance when hitting out of bounds is okay (but rarely okay with the other person).  Let’s say that unluckily you knock your ball out of bounds, yet luckily your opposing player is in fact positioned out of bounds and your ball hits him.  When the ball eventually settles out of bounds, there is no penalty, and you simply are able to repeat your shot.

4.  The reason why you should always recognize your ball.  In the event you along with your playing companion hit your shots into the identical place, and you also have the same make of golf ball with the exact same markings, what person plays which ball?  By rule, both golf balls are in effect misplaced, both players penalized one stroke and both return to replay their golf shot.  (Rule 12-2).

5.    Loose obstacles in any hazard.  In case your ball is in any hazard and then a loose obstruction should drop on or by your golf ball, do not touch it.  In the event you do move the obstruction it’s a two-stroke penalty.  (Rule 13-4).

These are just a small sample of rules that you may only seldom if ever use.  But most of these can be lumped into groups for general rules; you just have to know what the general rule which it is applicable to will be.

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