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Tiger Woods Might Be the Only Cablasian on Earth

The Tiger Woods Swagger Came from his Father

Much of the previous success of Tiger Woods was due to his inner circle. The most critical and forgotten figure in that circle was his dad, Earl Woods.   Few people make an impression on a young boy as much as his father.   This is certainly no exception with Tiger.  He owes his Dad for his focus, the basis of his world-class swing, his determination and that killer instinct. Earl’s most important contribution, though, may have been that swagger – his belief that there was nothing his son couldn’t accomplish, as long as he put in the work. And as we all know, Tiger isn’t afraid to make an effort. But with Tiger’s dad passing, this has caused a kink in his golf game.

I recently authored a book called Don’t Stop The Swagger: Preparing the Mind Body and Soul for Peak Performance, that identifies unique characteristics that peak performers possess.  I think beyond those characteristics of mental toughness and perseverance, a peak performer must also have understanding of self.  To study Tiger Woods as a golfer is more a study of the mental aspects of the game than to consider his length off the tee or any other aspect of the physical part of the game.

The Strength of Tiger Woods, His Inner Circle, Shrank

Anyone who desires to achieve at a high level in any field must have a physical body that that is healthy, clean of toxins, and able to heal. Additionally, they need the mental traits mentioned above.  But beyond that they need the complete mind, body and soul element, specifically the inner strength to continue on through tribulations when intellect and physical acumen have run dry.

When looking at Tiger, it is apparent he struggles a bit with his circle, but he does have a few people worth mentioning. The second and now only real person in his inner circle is his mother, Tida Woods. Tiger has often joked that his mom was the strict parent when he was growing up. But Earl’s values couldn’t have entirely been handed down to Tiger without Tida’s loving support and loyalty to Tiger and his father.

A wise person once said that a mother’s love is instinctual, without agenda and forever.  I say a mother’s love is neither perfect nor imperfect, it’s simply always there. You need look no further than the nearest sideline at most athletic competitions. As most fathers know, it is extremely difficult to cultivate and equip a child to be successful in life without the mother’s support.   Equally critical is the ability to trust that the mother edifies the relationship the father has with that child.

Given that his father has passed, Tiger Woods is left with his mother’s love and inexperience when it comes to making it through life as a man. The rest of Tiger’s inner circle comes down to an ex-wife with a 100 million dollar divorce and shared custody of two beautiful daughters, a nasty public separation with a caddy who apparently enjoys to take public and disrespectful jabs at Tiger.

It began when this former caddy, Steve Williams, took jabs at Tiger when his new golf partner Adam Scott won the WGC Invitational over Tiger.  Tiger didn’t really respond. But Williams comments really hit the ceiling when he presented a speech at the Annual Caddie Awards dinner and very defiantly stated his goal after Adam Scott’s victory in the Bridgestone Invitational at Akron.  Regarding Tiger, he said, “My aim was to shove it right up that black ass hole.” Once again, Tiger gave little response and even came to the defense of Williams, saying that he is “In no way a racist.”

Tiger Woods Defines Himself as a Cablasian

The funny thing that is forgotten is, given Tiger’s comments in the past, he doesn’t even categorize himself as black. Appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 1997, Woods indicated that it bothered him when people called him an African-American.  He said, “Growing up, I came up with this name. I’m a Cablasian.”

Regardless of how Tiger Woods or others categorizes him, or what people say about him, as a man in this world you must have the ability to ignore the critics – whoever they may be. And your response must be one of positive action.  Hone in on your task with an unwavering knowledge of self.  It’s possible that was lost following the passing of Tiger’s dad and he doesn’t quite know who he is anymore. Perhaps his father was the closest thing to providing him the foundation of that inner self.

The next in his so-called inner circle or what I consider paid loyalists is Hank Haney, who is now coming out with a book highlighting the life and success of Tiger Woods.  The rest of his circle consists of Butch Harmon, Mark O’Meara, John Cook, and especially Micheal Jordan and Charles Barkley, who never really handled success quite as gracefully as they are given credit for. Many think those two benefited from an era when the internet practically didn’t exist, Twitter was still just a thought and Facebook’s creator was just an infant .  Tiger’s media scrutiny is huge when you compare it to the Jordan day. This seemed to hold true as Tiger was exposed in the Thanksgiving fender bender fiasco and Charles darn near begged Tiger to call him on national television.

The Tiger Woods Syndrome

The Tiger Woods Syndrome

Excluding Tigers deceased father and loving mother, all that remains is a group of people he either pays or entertains. If the past few years of divorce, caddy jokes and swing issues have not taught him a little about his circle, I don’t know if anything will. There is an old proverb that states, “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Another proverb can be translated, “Wealth creates many friends; but the poor is hated by his by his neighbor.”

The point is that the Tiger Woods circle is a result of his wealth, not of him uniting with people because they share cultural similarities, cultural experiences, social backgrounds, religious beliefs or possibly race. I’m not sure how to find other Cablasians, but maybe Tiger has better insight. So as we know, Tiger Woods has many acquaintances around but finding a brother born through adversity might be more difficult. Unless, of course, he’s willing to pay for it.

When it comes down to it, after you’ve tapped all the mental and physical ability you possess, the only thing that remains is that fire inside.   The key to Tiger’s new walk to golf wins probably won’t be found in a stronger knee, a new golf swing, or more time running on the treadmill, but somewhere deep within his mind, body and soul.

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