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Think Your Way around the Course

How to Think Your Way around the Course

Most golfers that play only on an irregular basis think too much about their golf swing technique when playing a round of golf.  Which is expected simply because people normally don’t have a great deal of time to work on their golf game.  But look at it this way: if you pay good money, and often rather a lot to play a game of golf, just why would you use that time working on swing basics. Therefore my advice, which I currently follow myself, would be to work on the golf swing off the golf course, then put aside swing action fundamentals and focus on the mental aspects of the game and think your way around the course.

Make Playing the Game Fun

The fun part of golf, as with any sport, is competing.  This means that you virtually must accept where your golf game is when you step up to the first tee.  To make the game enjoyable, realize what you have to deal with that day, anticipate a few miscues, and more than that think your way around the golf course.

Here are just a few considerations which can keep your confidence elevated and steer clear of those hated recovery shots:

1.    Recognize your capabilities.  Know the true length you hit every club, and not just your distances you used to hit them ten years ago.  Do you typically hook the golf ball or fade it?  Recognizing those things is going to be vital to your decision-making around the golf course.

2.    Choose your target intelligently.  Anytime you set up for a shot, you’re basically looking for a way to put the golf ball somewhere to set up the following shot.  This may appear clear-cut, but a lot of players always try to strike every ball as far as they can, thinking that the easiest shot will almost always be the one closest to the green.  This typically raises the possibility of finding problems, since your shot control goes down with your longer clubs.

3.    Be aware of where the trouble is, then block it out.  In order to play with full confidence, you don’t need a lot of negative thoughts on your mind.  Pick out a safe target then place your focus on reaching it by utilizing a golf club that you are the most at ease with.  The sport gets much easier when you are routinely hitting clear shots from excellent lies, even if they are a little longer.

4.    Play one golf hole at a time.  I understand playing them one at a time is a cliché that every sport uses, but playing every hole individually instead of all eighteen at once will make you focus in the moment.  It has happened to everyone that has ever enjoyed the game: you’re sailing through six or eight holes in a row and then you experience a hole in which nothing will go right.  You need to have the attitude that the next hole is going to be a new game.  It’ just one more way to continue to make your game fun as well as competitive.

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