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The Consistent Golf Swing Plane- It Will Give You a Consistent Swing

The Path Your Club Travels is the Golf Swing Plane

The consistent golf swing plane is a major fundamental of the swing. Basically described, the golf swing plane is the path that the golf club travels in the course of the swing. A consistent plane should maintain the club on a similar arc for every swing.  Visualize  a large pane of glass which runs from the ball to just above the shoulders. The arms and club must remain beneath the pane of glass throughout the swing.


This Concept Will Give You a More Consistent Swing

By consistently repeating the same swing plane, a golfer can boost their golf ball striking as a result of solid contact at impact. This is one of the swing tips that will improve your accuracy, increase distance, and reduce your golf scores.

The golf swing planes will differ from individual to individual based on a player’s height and address position. A taller golfer does  have a far more upright plane while a shorter golfer should have a flatter plane. The lengthier the club you use, the flatter the golf swing plane becomes. Various factors influencing the swing plane are spine angle, head position, distance from the ball, and hip rotation.

Swing Like A Pro: Breakthrough Scientific Method Of Perfecting Your Golf Swing

Swing Like A Pro: Breakthrough Scientific Method Of Perfecting Your Golf Swing

The golf swing plane is made up of three parts: the back swing, the downswing, and the follow through. Now there is  the one plane golf swing and the two plane golf swing.  A proper  golf swing arc is started by turning the shoulders and hips while allowing the arms and hands to lift in reaction to this movement. The lifting of the hands or arms separate of this turning movement can crack the imaginary glass pane and take the club off the meant arc.

Keeping a constant golf club head  position, consistent spine angle (no lifting of the upper body), and repeatable address position (space from  the ball), shall also ensure that the club is remaining on the same swing path throughout the swing.

There are many golf swing plane drills to assist golfers work on enhancing their golf swing plane. Listed below are a few of the swing plane tips I work on to help me stay consistent with my plane:

  • As the club goes back and up on the back swing, have the butt end of the club facing an imaginary line which is drawn straight back from the golf ball.
  • Maintain the spine angle as this will hold your swing plane far more consistent…Feel as though you are sitting down throughout the golf swing
  • As you start the downswing return the club on the same path as the back swing…Feel as though you have a one plane swing
  • Maintain a consistent head position all through the swing
  • Do not  sway off the ball during the back swing
  • Work on good balance during the entire golf swing
  • Feel as if you stay straight down and under the imaginary pane of glass

The golf swing plane can appear complex and tricky to understand.  Work on these tips every single time you go to the practice range. I know these ideas can help you develop a a lot more consistent swing plane which will trigger lower golf scores.  Check out our other golf site for more information on golf.


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