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Stadium Course at Sawgrass

Stadium Course at Sawgrass- Among the Finest Courses in Florida

Any of us who’ve observed a great deal of golf on television (or have experience with the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series video games) are without doubt aware of the Island Green on the Stadium Course at Sawgrass.  However there is significantly more to the suburban Jacksonville course than the par 3 seventeenth.  Launched in 1980, the course in fact was not initially loved by professional golfers, but the tweaks that designer Pete Dye completed shortly after made the course considerably more playable.

This Is One of the Toughest Courses in the World

The course is still deemed one of the most difficult in the world.  It had been the first of several Tournament Players Clubs (TPC) built over the years.  The TPC is a chain of private and public courses run by the PGA Tour with the aim to have those courses host tour competitions.  This way the PGA Tour are able to get around sharing the profits of the events with outside course owners.


Yet the first was in fact TPC at the Sawgrass stadium golf course.  The Players Championship is played there yearly, and because of its reputation as well as highest winnings of practically any golf tournament has come to be considered by some people as the “fifth major”.  The great thing about this course in addition to the other TPC golf courses across the country is the common golf enthusiast is able to play them.

The Signature Hole is the Island Green

When we think about the Stadium Golf Course at Sawgrass, what might promptly come to mind is the Island Green.  It is actually a peninsula, but there isn’t a large amount to shoot at except for a golf green 78 feet broad and perhaps half as deep.  From about 132 yards for those pros that is a reasonably proportioned target, however it may be just about the most talked-about hole on the PGA tour.  Mix in some blowing wind that occasionally will be volatile and virtually no bailout spot, and it has pretty much every golfer’s notice.  In 2007 a record fifty balls landed in the water on this hole in a single round.  And golf fans love it, as NBC places eleven cameras about it in the tournament.


Perhaps the most famous, and bizarre occurrence in the holes history took place during the 1998 Players Championship.  Golfer Steve Lowery successfully struck his ball on the green.  A seagull swooped down and, after a few tries finally collected the ball in his bill, carried it over the lake and released it.  In case you happen to be wondering about the correct way this is ruled, in accordance with Rule 18-1 of the Rules of Golf, any bird is deemed an “outside agency”, and considering Lawry’s golf shot was taken away from the golf green he was permitted to place the golf ball on the spot the bird commandeered it.

Relax-Sawgrass17th from Tom Dernulc on Vimeo.


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