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How to Correct the Dreaded Golf Slice Shot

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Over the Top Golf Swing Produces a Slice

Most golfers when they start off will be plagued with the golf slice shot, which is where the ball shapes wildly to the right (for right-handed golfers).  When golfers start out playing the game, it will be natural for them to position the ball far forward in their stance, swing in a circular motion around their body, and use their upper body to propel the golf club, with hardly any action with their hands to bring the club into position.  The result is an outside to inside swing path through the ball with an open club face, which results in some horrendous looking shots.

Is a Slice Spin All Bad?

Yes, if you impart enough spin on the ball it will slice.  Like the shot that is hooked, this shot is very hard to control, and you will never get anything close to your maximum distance from it.  And the harder you hit it, the farther to the right it will go.  If you’re a slicer, it really isn’t that difficult to escape from this difficult rut, but you have to rethink the way you swing the club at a golf ball.

There are many solutions for fixing a golf slice.  Some work fine for some golfers with the problem, but not for others.  Some, like adjusting your grip to compensate for the slice, may work for a few but may also add to your problems.  The best thing that can be said for the grip is to settle on one that feels comfortable and stay with it, but don’t try to compensate by constantly moving your grip around.  It will only lead to confusion.

Understanding the Golf SwingIf You Slice, Get Your Hands More Involved and Your Upper Body Less

This drill should help you get your hands more involved in making contact with the ball, and prevent the body from getting too active.

  1. Address the ball as you normally would.
  2. Pivot the back foot to your right, so you are facing away from your target.
  3. Keeping your feet in this position, turn your upper body so you can put the club face to the ball.
  4. From this position, with as much rhythm as you can to generate the club head through the ball, swing the club.  Don’t try to generate speed; you’re not looking for distance, but to get the feel of the hands and arms swinging the club.  It is impossible for the body to be too active from this position.
  5. Now try it using the same hand action with your feet in proper position to the ball.  You will find that the hands and arms are taking a much more active role in the swing.

It really isn’t as difficult to correct a slice as it may seem, but you have to realize you do not generate club head speed with the upper body.  Think more in terms of coordinating the entire body with rhythm, and you will hit the ball further with much more consistency.



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