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Fade Shot

Golf Fade Shot- The Easiest Shot to Execute

Fade Shot

Setup for the Fade Shot

The fade shot in golf is when a minimal amount of side-spin (for right handers clockwise spin, for left handers counter-clockwise spin) which will cause the ball to gently shape (for right handers) to the right of the target.  As opposed to the slice, which shapes in the same direction but in a much more extreme manner, the fade is the preferred shot of most professional golfers.  The reason is that the swing is the easiest for most people to execute, and because there will be minimal roll when the ball lands, the shot will be the easiest to control.

Aside from Control, Why Is this Shot Ideal

The fade swing can be very consistent for most golfers because it is the easiest to get your body into the hitting position.  We will get into the set-up to hit the fade shortly, but in contrast with the draw shot, where a closed stance will be used, a more open stance will be employed with the fade shot.  The difficulty with the closed stance is it is harder to keep a supple hip action to keep from blocking out during the shot.

With a more open stance it becomes more natural to open the hips and allow the hands to work through the ball.  This still requires timing, as opening the hips to quickly will probably cause the club head to cut across the ball too much, imparting too much side spin and a slice shot.  For me, it works best to keep the left hip locked in and make sure the hands work through the ball aggressively.  From an open stance the hips will naturally open as the hands come through the ball.  This works well when in the fade stance, but not always so well, especially when I get a little tired, in the draw stance.

How to Hit Every ShotHow Best to Hit a Fade Shot

Jack Nicklaus said you can’t hit a power fade unless you know how to draw the ball.  Most golfers learning the shot tend to hit from the top, coming into the ball from the outside.  This will result in a weak pull fade.  By using the principles of the draw shot, that is coming from inside out and aligned with a slightly closed club face will produce the draw spin, and is where to start.

From here, just open up the club face so it’s square to the ball, square or slightly open the stance, and align yourself with the left side of the fairway.  This will allow for an easy hip-opening action and should take away the possibly of the dreaded “block out”.  Hitting with a square or slightly open club face with a closed stance will probably give you a well-struck ball, but also a pure push shot.  By opening the stance up a bit will allow the hands to come through aggressively and deliver a solid strike on the ball.


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