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The Difference in a Golf Slice/Fade

The slice/fade is a ball that is struck so that clockwise side-spin is imparted on the ball, which causes the ball to shape to the right.  This is for right-handed golfers, and this article will for simplicity sake talk to right-handed golfers.  For people who golf left-handed, everything will be in reverse.  The difference in a sliced golf ball and a fade ball is the amount of spin that is put on the ball: a small amount of spin will produce a fade, and by increasing the spin the ball will slice.


Driver Position for the Slice-Fade

We will draw a distinction between the slice/fade and the ball that is pushed.  A pure pushed ball is one that is hit with no side-spin, but still goes right of the target.  Several issues could cause this, including improper alignment, but usually comes from an inside-out swing with an open club face.

A Fade Is Okay, but Not a Slice

The slice is an extreme result to the clockwise spin put on the ball at contact, and only under unusual circumstances is it done on purpose and considered a good shot.  This is the ball that most people new to golf will fight, because until the correct golf swing is established it is the natural way we would hit a golf ball.  If you have a slice, the quicker you can correct this malady the better off you will be, because there is little control of a sliced golf ball and the distance will be very poor.

Swing Speed Chart

A fade shot, however, is a much less extreme of spinning the ball to go to the golfer’s left.  Other than the purely hit straight ball, it is the easiest to control, and in another piece concerning the fade golf shot I’ll explain why it is the easiest ball to hit consistently.  Suffice to say for now that it is the preferred shot of professional golfers, but for those of us whose club head speed drops a little more every year, we are looking to get a little more distance.  We will try to get that from rolling the ball further instead of hitting it in the air farther, and that is best accomplished by putting a draw on the golf ball.

Why Not Concentrate on Just Hitting the Ball Straight?

Basically that is what we are trying to do.  But unless you are willing to sacrifice a great deal of distance, not even golfers playing at their highest level can confidently predict they will hit every ball straight.  So it might be asking too much of you or me to do something these guys won’t even try to do.  For the most consistent golf, we should strive to hit our golf shots with the knowledge that they will shape the same way every time, and we know what direction that will be.


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