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Simple Golf Swing Tips for the Long Game

Simple Golf Swing- Hitting a Driver

Keeping the golf swing simple will do more for your golf long game than any single bit of advice.   We established this site because we think we can help.  Many of us think driving a golf ball long and accurately, and consistently, is probably the most satisfying things you can be good at in golf.  Having a consistent golf swing with the proper fundamentals will not only improve your golf drive distance, but it will lower your golf score.  Read our list of articles on this site for insights, swing analysis with videos, and much more information on a variety of subjects that make up the golf long game.

How Do We Get a Consistent Golf Swing

On these pages we will emphasize simplicity, or less is more.  The more we get into golf instruction the more complicated the game becomes. Instead of staying with the basics we add layer after layer to the swing, resulting in a golf swing so complex that even a highly accomplished golfer couldn’t maintain it on a consistent basis.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

When we observe a professional golfer’s swing, we are often amazed at how effortless their swing seems to be, yet how the ball literally explodes off the club face.  But if that same professional  started adding more things to that swing to get just a few more yards even they, with all the hours they devote to the game, would not be able to maintain their former consistency.  So our objective is for you to get a simple golf swing, and soon the results will be there.

Fundamentals Are a Key to the Golf Long Game

Whereas we could say that the short game brings into play more of the mental aspects of golf (see, or “the game within the game”, the golf long game is more about precision, mechanics, and keeping those swing keys consistent.  It takes a while for many of us to learn that the distance we hit a golf ball is not a byproduct of greater effort.  Because the harder we swing, the tighter our muscles become, and as we tighten up the quickness necessary for club-head speed becomes less.

As a result, the harder we swing, the shorter the ball travels.  So on these pages we will emphasize not trying to mash the ball with all your might, but keep the swing simple and tailor it to your individual golfing strengths.  You will be amazed to hit the ball further with less effort.



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