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Should Golf Range Finders Be Allowed On The PGA Tour?

The Great Debate on Golf Range Finders

There has been a long standing debate regarding whether golf range finders such as the Bushnell Tour V2 Pinseeker ought to be allowed during tournament play.  You can find very good points of view behind each side of the issue. There are those who say why not allow everyone to make use of a range finder anytime they want to.  Their reasoning is that the actual test of golf isn’t to see if you can actually determine the distance accurately, but to see if you have what it takes to carry out the shot or not. If you are unable to top quality golf shots then even the best golf rangefinders aren’t going to help you very much.

Then again you can find those against using a golf range finder that say “what do you need a rangefinder for when you’ll find yardage markers all over the golf course?” Besides, the caddie can walk the golf course prior to the beginning of the tournament and make note of all of the yardages that he needs to, using a golf range finder.  Therefore why do you require one on tournament day?

Golf Range Finders Are One of Golf’s Technological Breakthroughs

This advancement of technology, which will certainly help your, seems to be creeping in on all kinds of sports competitions, however I suppose that’s progress.  I would love to see what would happen if you got the world’s best a hundred and fifty golf players, gave them each a similar set of wooden golf clubs, and let them play an eighteen hole match. It could be extremely interesting to see what the results would be. I’m certain that the cream would still rise to the top.

There are several places that let the competitors use golf rangefinders during amateur competitions, which has the pro rangefinder camp complaining that the finest golfers in the world, who are most in need of a precise yardage measurement, aren’t allowed to implement them.

Find the Best GPS for your golf game at Golfsmith

Find the Best GPS for your golf game at Golfsmith

The argument for professionals to be permitted to make use of a golf range finder, from a onlooker perspective, is really pretty solid. If only from the time it requires to play a round of golf standpoint,  by employing golf rangefinders the pro golfers would have an exact yardage in seconds, rather than needing to pace off distances from the yardage markers. Employing rangefinders would without doubt speed up the game.

The way it stands today, golf rangefinders are allowed to be utilized in various amateur competitions and the powers that be at the PGA say that they won’t ever be tolerable in professional tournaments. We’ll see!

And as far as the USGA along with the R&A are concerned, golf range finders are permitted by local rule only. And this applies to distance measuring devices only and doesn’t take in tools that gauge wind or grades. If a local rule isn’t in place to permit the use of golf rangefinders then  they’re deemed to be contrary to the rules of golf.

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