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New Golf Equipment Can Make You a Lot Better

How Much Can New Golf Equipment Help Your Game

If you want to upgrade your golf game (who doesn’t), just how can you do it.  Many people think the answer is innovative, new golf equipment.  How much will it really help, and will we assume the more it costs, the better the outcomes will be?


To start with, why do a lot of players at once look toward equipment as the initial remedy?  Obviously, advertising with the equipment manufacturers causing expectations to become dramatically exaggerated will make us buy, and we in spite of everything believe them.  Then some people have more disposable income to toss around to purchase toys.  But perhaps it is because it’s a lot easier to improve your game by going out and buying what you may think is better equipment rather than putting in the time practicing.  And practicing is going to make a much bigger difference with your golf game.

Professional and Average Golfers should Look at Equipment Differently

It is important to differentiate why pro players look to make alterations with their equipment, and why amateurs make changes in theirs.  The professionals are looking for subtle adjustments in their equipment to permit them to spin the ball better, shape it better or add five additional yards onto their drive.  Ordinary players (nearly all of us) will be looking for forgiveness from a poorly struck golf shot.  That means outsized golf club heads that have a bigger sweet spot are one of the things we are looking for.


Professional players are not as fearful with the miss-hit golf shot, or not hitting the sweet spot.  Because of their talent level they recognize feel of the shot as what they’re aiming for.  As a result, if we follow the advice of pros and buy the clubs pros suggest, they are recommending what works for them, not necessarily what works for us.  If clubs work great for Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson, they are probably going to become a disaster for many of us.  In addition obviously they cost extra money.

Large Drivers and Hybrids can be a Big Help

But let’s be accurate: the larger golf clubs help the mid to high handicap golfer.  The drivers are less difficult to hit, and hybrid golf are a great alternative to long irons; it has made that part of the game much more efficient.  They are not terrifically costly, plus there is such a wide variety of hybrids now that if you take time to test several, you’ll find one that matches you like a glove.

These large golf clubs could also have an adverse result, though.  Once a golfer gets that golf club with the big head in their hands, they believe they can swing as hard as they can and yet hit a shot a great distance.  This results in poor, undisciplined golf swings, and even with the more forgiving clubs, your golf game will not get better.  It doesn’t matter what sort of equipment you use, if your swing isn’t sound, your game is not going to be good, either.

Jack Nicklaus Speaks on JNLL Powered by SNAG from SNAG Golf on Vimeo.

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