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Las Vegas Golf

A More Healthy Pastime then Gambling in Vegas

Las Vegas has during the last 50 years developed into one among the top entertainment meccas not only in the United States, but the world.  It had been nothing but a tiny town in the desert until gaming became officially authorized in Nevada, and with that the entire amusement package grew.  In time there was more to do in and around Las Vegas, and golf courses began to be constructed.  One can find now 128 courses in the area, and Las Vegas golf has really exploded into an attraction in itself.

Las Vegas Golf has many Options All Year

Just like nearly all things within this entertainment capital, people who build things do not normally scrimp when they build anything.  And if you are okay with the heat during the summer, there isn’t a day you can’t play.  The heat starts to really intensify in June, with average highs during that month at 100 degrees F.  They will climb to about 106 degrees in July and August previous to going downward in September to the mid-nineties.  Steer clear of some of this heat by playing in the early hours or late.  The good news is this is when you are going to get your best rates, both on hotels as well as at the courses.

When is the Best Time for Las Vegas Golf?

1.    Las Vegas is a convention place, with an average week getting 85000 conventioneers.  That’s a lot of people, but the city has plenty of accommodations.  Point is, the more individuals, the more you’ll pay.  Check on the Las Vegas visitors’ bureau’s site ( to find a weekly update to find when the traffic is the lowest.

2.    Room rates are often two times as much over the weekend as with midweek.  You will not save so dramatically on the golf courses, but you can pay less if you play Monday through Thursday.


3.    Check with the golf course you wish to play regarding when they over-seed their fairways; you may want to avoid those times.  It is usually done in late August to mid-September.

I was lucky to play Dragon Ridge Country Club in Henderson, and although it’s private you might still be able to get on a great golf course like this through your hotel.  Try to book this way or with several of the golf packages you’ll be able to locate on the internet.  This course is actually a great test of golf, but the driving areas are quite fair.  Since it will be a bit out from the city, it will be in the adjacent foothills in close proximity to Henderson, and the elevations make for some great holes.  From this juncture it is possible to check out the Las Vegas skyline very well.

But there happens to be multiple warnings not to look for stray golf balls in the extreme rough areas.  The signs say “Watch out for Rattlesnakes”, and I believe them.

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