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Inside to Out Golf Swing for Much Better Control and Distance

The Inside to Out Golf Swing

The inside to out golf swing refers to the swing path which the golf club takes passing through the ball.  For golfers it gives us better control of the ball, allowing us to shape it right to left.  It is among the concepts which are most difficult to master, but accomplishing an inside to out golf swing combined with using a golf grip that maintains the club face in proper position will enable any golfer to control the ball optimally.

Avoiding the Slice Begins with a Good Takeaway

The golfer we are targeting here is primarily the golfer who’s troubled with a slice or cutting across the ball from outside to inside.  This results in a clockwise spin to the golf ball. The usual inclination, while trying to swing straight down the target line, is to bring the club directly back from the ball. Since our body movement in the swing is round, that is, the club head in effect travels round the body, taking the club directly back will make it almost physically impossible to extend the swing straight through the golf ball, or from the six o’clock location to a noon position on the golf ball.

The Takeaway in Relation to the Target Line

So the first of our tips for an inside to out golf swing is, when we initiate the swing, to bring the golf club away from the golf ball from the seven o’clock point relating to the golf ball. On the takeaway, when I think my golf swing reaches its best, it virtually feels like my hands are brushing against my right hip. As a rule the path you take the club back in the back swing will be the route the club is going to come into the ball, so taking the club back correctly is important to initiate the appropriate inside out golf swing.

The next point of our inside to out golf swing plane is to make sure the club head “extends” through your ball to one o’clock point. This requires a few golf swing keys. If the hips and left shoulder open to soon, the hands, and thus the club, must follow, therefore pulling the club to possibly an eleven o’clock position relating to the golf ball, and most likely a mishit. On the driving range is, stick a number of tees in the area on each side of a path to your seven o’clock spot relating to the golf ball, then some more on either side on the path leading away from the one o’clock point.

Initially, have a few relaxed swings getting your body to be aware of its position when the club head passes through your ball on an inside out swing plane. You will probably sense the need to reposition the ball further back in your stance than you typically do, but with training I’m certain you’ll be pleased with the results.

Our final of our golf swing suggestions will be the grip. It must be strong enough to get the golf club square on the golf ball at impact, or hitting the ball with an inside to out golf swing will lead to a push shot going directly and right of your target.

The great Ben Hogan once said, “You only hit a straight ball by accident”. Most low handicappers endeavor to shape the golf ball one way or the other, and by knowing which direction they may shape it gives them larger margin for error. These inside to out golf swing drills once perfected will permit you to constantly form the ball right to left.


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