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Improving Your Golf Swing – Some Tips

Improving Your Golf Swing – A Few Thoughts

With regards to your golf swing basics, there are some easy fundamentals that will be the foundation of the golf swing. The problem is most people forget these basics and become often confused by trying to learn every tip and trick possible.

The most important parts of golf swing basics could be broken down into the swings basic parts. Understanding and practicing each of the elements that make up the swing are what should be concentrated on to be successful. Once you discover these building blocks, you’ll no longer wonder the way the pros undertake it so effortlessly. And, once you slow things down and discover the fundamentals of the golf swing, you’ll realize how simple it is.

Golf Swing Technique Basics

Examine these five techniques below to discover what you are doing right and what you should fix to improving the golf swing:

1. It all starts at the tee box.  The tee box is the place all this begins. What exactly is running through your mind?  Take notice, since your mental focus can create the great shot or perhaps a horrible one!  This is a tip – Don’t get worried with what could happen. Put your composure while keeping focused on driving the ball down the center of the fairway. Keeping your brain free from any distractions will set you up for a great shot every time.

2. Grip the club properly.  Your grip on the club can make or break your swing. Grip it too tight and you’re simply in for a huge hook shot. Ease up on the grip a lot of and you might slice the ball horribly.  A comfortable grip on the club will allow you to get a hands over to hit the ball straight every time.

3. See the back-swing and downswing.  This could seem confusing at first, yet it’s not that tough to understand. The downswing is when you’ll create momentum through the ball.  Using a light downswing, the ball won’t go anywhere. Here’s what to do – in your back-swing, take the club back in one slow motion.  Don’t forget to let your arms perform work, rather than the hands. In this way, you’ll be able to have control in your downswing as your body unwinds, giving a proper approach to the ball.

4. Don’t slow your back-swing down.  So that you can use a strong swing movement, you need to make sure you retain a fluid, consistent pace through the back-swing with the downswing. Too many people start with a quick back-swing, but come down slow, producing less club control and mishits. Make an effort to get the downswing to come back a little faster as opposed to pace on the back-swing. This gives the body little time to produce any error and will help to keep your club head aligned properly hitting the ball.

5. Keep your shoulders and hips aligned.  Another great lesson in golf swing basics that individuals overlook is alignment. Your shoulder and hips must be aligned with each other, both for the back-swing, down-swing and follow-through. To maintain your shoulder and hip alignment, you should utilize more of your body to get the club back through . Never allow your hands carry out the work. If your hands take control, it is possible to bet that you have a hook or slice that follows.

So, that’s all – 5 golf swing basics to help you enhance your golf swing technique immediately. You will find that if you try all of these techniques or tips, it may feel a little weird at first.  Just keep practicing using these techniques and they’re going to soon become natural to you.

Still Need Assistance With Your Swing?

Want to explore perfect swing action that can help you decrease your score and improve your swing movement? Just visit Perfecting Your Golf Swing Basics now!

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