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Draw a Golf Ball With a Driver in Four Easy Steps- Here’s How

4 Steps to How to Draw a Golf Ball

Being able to draw a golf ball with a driver is helpful, and with 4 swing keys anyone can do it.  But it does go against our golf instincts, because to hit a draw golf shot involves for most people is an unnatural swing.  It is a shot most of us would like to have for our long game, as most people who no longer hit the ball a long way look to improve our distance by drawing, or imparting a small hook, on our long shots.

With the starter or even intermediate player to hit a draw may in the beginning look impossible, however with some knowledge of what we are attempting to accomplish and some practice, anyone can learn how to draw a ball consistently. But rather than put more into the swing, we will revert to swing basics to make sure we can execute this shot every time.

Benefits to Drawing a Golf Ball

Hit a draw for distance. Striking a golf ball with a hook spin will cause the ball to roll a larger distance than will a fade spin.

Hit a draw for accuracy. If we can consistently hit the golf ball which has a controlled draw, we could aim to the right of our target and allow the ball to shape in the direction of our target spot.

The Four Simple Steps

So to understand how to draw a golf ball, we must first look at the grip. The key approaches, therefore, for a hook golf grip are as follows:

Golf Slow Motion Picture Swing Secrets Of Effortless Long Shots

Golf Slow Motion Picture Swing Secrets Of Effortless Long Shots

1. Put the grip of your club across the base of the fingers. This lets you fashion greater power through greater wrist hinge, simultaneously providing you with enhanced control, or feel, with the club.

2. You should not grip the golf club too intensely. As the great Sam Snead once said, “If a lot of people gripped a knife and fork the way they do a golf club, they’d starve to death”.

3. While gripping the club using a traditional golf grip, the “V” between the thumb and forefinger points at the right shoulder for right-handed golfers, and the left shoulder for left-handed golfers.

4. To learn to draw a golf ball, use a strong grip, and that is achieved just by moving your hands on the golf club so the “V” would be to the right of your right shoulder (and naturally towards the left of your left shoulder for lefties). This will automatically close the club face when it approaches the golf ball, imparting a counter-clockwise, or hook spin.

These pointers on how to draw a golf ball are just broad, as each golfer ought to experiment how strong his golf grip should be to make the preferred outcome. As an example, individuals with naturally physically powerful hands might discover a stronger grip excessive to take the golf club into proper position to hit a draw.

The final aspect that must go along with the hook grip to appropriately draw a golf ball is correct swing path. When the golf club on contact does not move through your ball, that is, if it cuts across the ball on an outside to inside direction, the closed club face is going to produce a “pull” shot. This for the right-handed golfer will initiate the ball to go a long way towards the left. The path for the golf club head should be on a slightly inside to outside plain. The desired result will be accomplished when the grip and the golf swing route for the club work mutually.





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