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Draw Shot

How to Achieve the Golf Draw Shot

draw shot

Setting Up to Draw the Ball

The draw shot in golf is the ball that many amateurs try to achieve, as all things being equal it should allow the greatest distance on the shot for the same amount of club head speed.  It can be the ideal shot for the golfer who is attempting to get a little more distance on his shot, but if you decide to make it your choice shot, plan to spend some time practicing it on the driving range.  It is estimated that the draw-spin can give on average 20 yards more roll than the fade-spin, and for those of us that need that extra distance, 20 yards is huge.  In this article we will talk about the ball going right to left for the draw golf shot, but obviously for the left-handed golfer the draw will shape left to right.

If you don’t devote some time honing this shot, it will be hard to ask yourself to hit 14 draw shots a round without at least a couple of clunkers.  There is simply much less margin for error with the draw shot as there is with fading the ball.  But once you understand the principles of the shot, practice it on the driving range and don’t try to get too cute and work a fade into your repertoire (it will only confuse your body), this is not a shot that is all too difficult to master.

Aside from Distance, Why Hit this Shot?

Knowing the way a ball will shape (if the ball is going to move) will allow us to set up to the fairway better.  If we know the ball will draw, we can set up to hit to the right side of the fairway.  Since you are going to hit the occasional perfectly straight ball, I would recommend never setting up where a straight shot will end up bad.  Even though the straight shot is difficult to hit consistently, that is what we would like to do, so don’t punish yourself with a perfect shot.

Golf Big Book Of BasicsNext, anticipate shaping the ball right to left.  Remember that a small change in the amount the club face is closed is going to make a great deal of difference in spin imparted on the golf ball.  So to take away as much margin for error in the amount of spin you put on the ball, allow yourself the maximum amount of fairway to work with.

How to Hit the Draw Shot

First bit of advice: to be consistent, simplify.  When you start making numerous changes and adjustments to your normal swing, more things can go wrong.  There has been some advice to strengthen your grip, and it might help for some, but if you can make one adjustment in your set-up and not tinker with anything else, you should be able to hit the shot consistently.  That is to keep the club face perfectly aligned with your target area, but close you stance to the target.  That means your front foot should be closer to the ball then your back foot.

A quick word of caution about this stance: it will be harder to open the body up from this position, especially as you get more fatigued during the round.  If you are not able to move the body open to allow your hands to clear through the ball, you will be susceptible to hooking the ball.  Once you do get this shot down, that is probably the biggest issue you will have with creating the draw shot.


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