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How To Reduce Hitting the Golf Ball Fat Now?

Hitting the Golf Ball Fat Can be Cured

Hitting the Ball Fat

Hitting fat, or striking ground before the ball can be quite common, and can be cured with a few training steps. Hitting the ball fat is certainly not as typical as the slice, however it may be equally as disheartening. Work on the simplifying the swing to get rid of many of issues like this.  Much like all golf swing mechanics, as soon as you understand what you are generally doing wrong, you can begin focusing on solving it.

Whenever seeking to correct this issue, it’s nearly impossible to determine what you are doing incorrect without another person’s assistance. If at all possible, get yourself a golfing pal or a golf teacher to look at your golf swing, and ask him or her to be searching for the items mentioned below.

In the event that you end up hitting irons fat, you are most likely dropping your own rear shoulder. This is actually the one that’s furthest from the target: right shoulder regarding right-handed golfers, left shoulder regarding left-handed golfers.

As soon as your rear shoulder drops, the club hits the ground just before it needs to, producing a messy shot. More often than not, hitting the golf ball fat comes about when a person tries to swing way too hard, causing the downswing to start with lots of hip movement.

The First Exercise for Curing Hitting the Golf Ball Fat

Do this easy exercise. Take a club and take your normal address. Bring the club around the very top of your own back swing and stop. With the club towards the top, slide your hips toward the target area, horizontally, and observe exactly what happens to your rear shoulder. It naturally falls all the way down too!

If perhaps your buddy is near, perform this exercise once again, slowly, and ask him or her to look at your hips and shoulder and notice if the shoulder drops. In that case, you have likely found the reason for the issue.

Like learning how to fix a slice to correct this matter, you have to understand exactly how to use your lower body correctly during the swing. Your own hips need to turn, but don’t permit them to slide. A straightforward way to help to make this come about would be to pay attention to starting the downswing with your arms, and your hips will naturally follow.

Keep Your Front Shoulder Down to Keep from Hitting the Golf Ball Fat

One other good strategy is to focus on keeping your own forward shoulder straight down. If you carry out this over numerous exercise shots, your body will get the message and your current shots can improve.

Be sure you keep your forward arm straight as you go into your back swing. Whenever you get to the top, think “down” for the forward shoulder, and then move directly into your downswing. The hips can uncoil, but don’t allow them to slide laterally.

The tips for the golf swing presented here are generally simple enough to apply, however they call for some time spent practicing and testing. The greatest place to do this can be at the practice range, which is also a great place to pick up a helper to observe your swing.

While you work with this repair, remember to proceed through all of your clubs, not simply the driver. Hitting the golf ball fat can happen with virtually any club, and you have to practice with each one of these to genuinely master a solid, crisp ball hit. Several players prefer to start with the short irons and work their way up whenever learning a new skill set.


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