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Golf Swing Plane- Understanding the Concept Will Help Your Golf Swing

Swing Keys to Proper Golf Swing Plane

Proper Golf Swing Plane

The swing plane has been discussed a great deal but has not been well understood, so hopefully this piece will provide a point of view which may be helpful to you.  Incorporating it in your swing will give your long game a great deal more consistency.  You will find numerous swing keys to focus on while discussing correct golf swing mechanics, but those that you can grasp and get improve at will result in more dependable golf.  Here we will not talk about any areas of the body and the way they relate to the golf swing, but will only concentrate on the incline the golf club shaft takes throughout the swing.  All your body should do is be sure the club stays on this golf swing plane.

First, imagine yourself set up to the golf ball, and you are watching yourself from behind.  Now you will see that, depending on how you comfortably set up, the shaft of your golf club is going to shape an angle to the ground, likely around 45 degrees.  That is not merely the angle which you are going to start and finish with, but the club angle you’ll maintain through the whole back swing.

It Means Maintaining the Same Club Incline

The problem in comprehending this is because the club progresses in a three-dimensional plane, so it’s going to have to lose this 45 degree incline to the ground, but will keep on having the same arc, or swing path.   Said another way, if you’re to pencil in a line on the shaft of your club at address, then extend the line three dimensionally all the way to the peak of the back swing, the shaft of the club wouldn’t ever diverge from that incline.  Additionally, the face of the golf club would maintain a similar angle with the club shaft.

Ernie Els | Doral 2010 Somax Golf Swing Analysis from Somax Performance Institute on Vimeo.

To deviate a bit, when the club face will be kept with this angle throughout the back swing, it will not be difficult to square it to the ball at impact, it’ll never have left the proper position through the back swing, therefore not much adjustment will  is going to be required.  Now let us return to the golf swing plane of your club shaft.

Making for More Consistent Impact will be the Result

At the highest point of your back swing we want to provide the golf club some power burst, and that comes when using the wrist hinge.  One of the nice factors concerning this swing is that it almost produces a genuine golf swing hinge, because the weight from the club face will easily make this happen.  Definitely remember two things: you shouldn’t grip your club with a lot of pressure, and at all times keep the golf club shaft and club head on the proper golf swing path we have been discussing.

When returning your club back into ball contact position, continue things on the identical plane as when you brought the club back.  At this point I’ll get into  body posture just a little (I know, I said I wouldn’t), nevertheless all this golf swing plane action gets much less complicated when the spine angle stays the same.  That means you must have no rocking forwards and backwards, and keep the posture and stability in the course of the swing.

This all sounds maybe a little complicated, but its fundamental thought is always to maintain the swing very basic with a proper swing tempo.  When the swing plane is kept on the identical plain, you will have minimized the problems that could occur.



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