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Golf Swing for Beginners

Simple Golf Swing for Beginners

First, we want to help you develop a golf swing for beginners.  If you have recently decided to take up the game of golf, congratulations.  We know it can bring you years of enjoyment.  But it can also be frustrating, especially if you try to take on the game without any help. Lessons are good, but can be expensive, and if you are not willing to stick with one coach for a length of time, you will learn a few “do this and don’t do that” facts, but won’t learn to conceptually build a golf swing for your game that will stick.  Check our site for many articles on getting you started on your swing.

Online Golf Lessons for a Conceptual Approach

On these pages we will recommend what we think are practical, long-term approaches to building a golf swing that will last.  All of the instruction we will recommend might not be for you.  After all, no concept of the golf swing can be all things to all people.  So you should sort through our recommendations, and see what may help.  When you find one that provides some benefit, stick with it and use that swing concept as your golfing guru. 

Then there are products for other areas of your game, such as your iron play.  Unfortunately with all the talk about the “Ultimate Driver” and “you drive for show and putt for dough”, the part in the middle, your iron play gets neglected.  Granted, those other areas are vital.  But iron play is also very important, and speaking from experience it, along with sand play, can be an area where the mid to high handicapper will find the hardest to master.  

Training aids such as the one below will get off you on the right foot, and read through our articles on this site for more information.  The uncomplicated swing for beginners will help you to be successful in no time at all.

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A roundup of local sports briefs, news and announcementsConcord MonitorFirst Tee of NH Golf Clinic for ages 10-17 will be held at Pembroke Pines CC today from 4-6 p.m. $35 registration is required through Bow Parks & Recreation at 228-2222. Clinic will focus on putting, chipping, pitching, set-up, full swing and bunker shots.and more »
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Great Ebook Offer
Great Ebook Offer

Every golfer feels stress when playing golf, and this book gives proven ways to deal with it. Take a look at this book, as I think it will provide some pointers that can really help you on the golf course.


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