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The Importance of the Golf Set-Up

Using the Golf Set-Up to Correctly Target Your Shot

Generally pro golfers claim they hardly ever see a right-handed player line up their shot too far left, but most during the golf set-up aim too far to the right.  It is easy to determine your target when you position yourself behind it, but then you lose it when you step up to the ball.  And between the two you always step up and have a practice swing, giving you longer  to lose your alignment.  Too frequently we imagine it just “feels right”, then we set up and swing the golf club.


Improper alignment is going to seriously affect your game, and never in a good way.  It not only means a well-hit shot winds up poorly, but if you know in the back of your mind that your alignment is actually not right, you’ll attempt to compensate during the swing to pull the ball back to where it should go.  Now the golf swing results in being a complete mess, and you can’t understand the reasons.

First Is to Understand the Importance of Proper Alignment

First thing you should do to set up consistently is to understand how important it can be to a successful golf shot.  Next you must develop a checklist which assures you’ll become aligned properly, and then follow it on every golf shot without fail.  You should develop those habits on the practice range.


Here would be the routine that I have copied from a few pro golfers, and when I don’t get careless it in fact does work.  At the outset, after teeing the ball up, line the golf ball up to the target.  Then pick out an intermediate target, which can be a spot in the ground several feet in front of the golf ball in line with your target.  That spot becomes your new objective.

Most people next go to the ball then take a practice golf swing, but I am not sure why.  If you still require a practice swing, especially after playing several holes and maybe spending a while at the driving range prior to your game, take them before you start your setup routine.  Your focus at this point should be all about getting aligned properly.

When you approach your ball, the first thing to do is square the club on the ball with your line of your target.  A lot of golfers locate their feet to the target, which is why they align themselves to the right too far.  If you think about it, if your feet become aligned to the target, for your club face to be also aligned with the target it will have to be closed.  This is certainly one of the most common mistakes in the swing.  Make sure to align your golf club face at the target, but not your feet.

Once your golf club is set, place your feet aligned left to the target, your heels shoulder-width apart, and you’re ready to swing.  Do everything on a consistent basis and you will keep your ball in play on every shot.

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