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The Golf Practice Range – Tips To Prepare Like a Pro

Whenever I go to a golf tournament, the place I never neglect spending time would be the golf practice range. It really is interesting to observe professionals when they are really practicing their craft. So what do the people who make their living competing in this game do that almost all of us never do? Quite a few things, actually, and many that appear to bear little importance really are significant.

1. Organize yourself before you strike that opening ball. Remember to dress appropriately, including golf footwear and glove. Decide specifically what you propose to work on through the time you practice, and by all means, stretch out appropriately, not just before your first shot, but at regular intervals.


2. Do not begin with the driver! Begin using the wedge and work up, finishing with the driver. This is necessary to rectify any faults as they creep into your swing, so it becomes less difficult to correct as you build up the length of your swing. The point is, simply because it is referred to as a driving range does not indicate you have to utilize only a driver (although many seem to).  You use your pitching wedge on the course quite a bit, so use it at the practice range.

3. Take your time between shots. When you find yourself at the golf practice range, make every golf shot count. Step back and analyze why you miss hit a ball as opposed to just brushing it off. Change your target areas frequently, because it’ll cause you to constantly rethink your alignment and position on the golf ball. Occasionally after set up, lay a club on the ground touching your toes, after that check from behind to see whether you have aligned yourself the way you had wanted. I do know  many times I am amazed how far off my alignment had been.

4. Try to reconstruct conditions regarding the golf course as much as you are able to while practicing. This will likely require some imagination, however imagine out of bounds or a water hazard on one edge or another of the target spot.

5. Focus! I watched Tiger Woods on the practice green together with his caddy at Celtic Manor, and his focus was unbelievable. There was no interaction with anybody else. That held true for each of the golfers while they were on the driving range. Turn off the mobile phone and do not socialize.

6. Most significant, have fun. Make a game of being at the golf practice range. Challenge yourself to strike five consecutive shots within five feet of your target, or three drives to the left of an imaginary fairway, after that three right and three center. Using some imagination it may be nearly as much fun as being at the golf course.

Practice does not have to become all grind. The greater enjoyment you will have on the golf practice range, the more anxious you will be to return and the better you can become.  Take advantage of practicing a variety of golf shots, and work on your swing tempo in addition to shaping the golf ball.


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