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Golf in Australia

Golf in Australia Has Some among the Best Golf Anywhere

When golfer Adam Scott became the very first Australian golfer to triumph at the Masters, we’re reminded of the wonderful heritage that golf in Australia has.  Celebrated Australian players like Bruce Devlin, Bruce Crampton, Wayne Grady, Greg Norman and Ian Baker-Finch, to name just some, have made their name world-wide.  They have represented Australian golf well, and while Greg Norman had some great chances of winning at Augusta National, it really is surprising that it took until 2013 for an Australian player to triumph there.


Because for the most part these golfers have become known playing in the United States, we do not know a great deal about the the game in Australia.  We rarely get a glimpse of Australian golf courses.  Obviously with the number of people playing inside their country, together with the quantity of recognizable players, there must be some excellent courses.  It is estimated that approximately 1.3 million folks in Australia play golf on more than 1500 golf courses.  They have been playing the sport there for greater than 125 years.

There Are 6 Courses Ranked World-Wide in Australia

Of the large numbers of golf courses to select from, there are actually six that are at the top 100 in the world as rated by US Golf Magazine during 2011.  Each six are located on the east and southeast seaside regions, which is not unexpected.  That is where most of the population base is.  The top-ranked course in Australia, and number 13 in the world, is the Royal Melbourne, dating back when the course was designed to the 1920s.  It is still the favored venue of the Australian Open, Presidents Cup, as well as the additional big tournaments which Australia holds.  But when you’re going to Melbourne and hoping to get on this perennially-rated number one golf course, you’ll have to be acquainted with somebody.

Tasmania Also Has a Great Golf Course


If you are looking to in fact play one of their world-ranked courses, go to Tasmania, an island off the southeast coast of Australia.  On the northeast of Tasmania is now Barnbougle Dunes Golf Links, rated number four in Australia and forty-one around the world.   It is only about ten years old, its spectacular landscapes and rugged seaside topography remind a player of the links golf courses of Scotland and Ireland, but with improved weather.  A feature that make this a great course is in fact that it’s set up to offer the best golfers a test, however is not going to completely beat up the average golfer.  As this course matures, it’s going to get talked about increasingly.

Golf in Australia offers courses which are world-class in design, and remain in nearby proximity to wonderful cities and several off-the-course neighboring highlights.  Plus being such a large country, there is a broad variety of local weather conditions.  When you are going to Australia for a golf excursion, it is probably best to check out the large availability of resorts found around the coastal regions.  The one real negative with Australia, needless to say, is it is a great distance  for most of us to travel to.


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