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Golf for Children- Initiate Your Kid to Golf the Correct Way

How to Initiate Golf for Children the Correct Way

When should you start teaching golf to your youngster?  When to start playing golf clearly becomes a case by case matter, but with the child and not the parent.  Most parents try and tap in to the child’s talents, and feel it is their task to encourage them coaching basics of the swing and additional golf course matters.  But it should be a situation of “get away and allow it to happen” instead of forcing the game on the child.

I have tutored three generations of young athletes, and when I was a lot younger I believed it was important to teach self-control at a young age.  But when they are young they do things for enjoyment, and if they are not going to enjoy being on a golf course practice time gets not only wasted, but it’ll be linked with bad connotations.  Nothing will reduce the enthusiasm for an activity then associating it with something that becomes painstaking.

When Teaching Golf for Children Let the Youngster Lead

So our initial small piece of information for junior golfers will be to let the youngster take the lead.  Because he likes swinging a stick at an item in the yard will not mean he is going to be the next Tiger Woods.  All youngsters do those things.  Provided your child enjoys whacking balls using an object, get some of those plastic balls and inexpensive plastic clubs to knock.

Subsequently you could bring your youngster to the course.  The driving range is good, but get off to a side in which you will not cause a disturbance to other golfers.  I am sorry, but you shouldn’t take the viewpoint that your youngster has as much entitlement to the golf course as anyone.  Even if you will believe it, there will be many individuals who do not, and it won’t be an enjoyable encounter for your youngster if somebody, even if he is a cad, to begin causing problems.

The Putting Green Is a Great Place to Teach Golf for Children

Teaching Kids Golf

Teaching Kids Golf

The chipping and putting green can also be enjoyable for children.  Then again, select places and times when it will be semi-private.  At least at first there is going to be greater than a few errant golf balls sprayed around.  Also, at this time of practice I’d advocate the following which gets extremely important: end the session prior to your child wanting it to end.  They will not want it to end and are going to most likely object, but that is a good thing.  Merely let them be aware just when you will be back to resume the fun, and then stick with it.

On no account should you book lessons for your child unless they request it.  When my son was in fourth grade he was chosen for a basketball team, and I told him the only way he could join would be if he fully committed to five hours of training each week not with the team.  In doing this it made practice a privilege that he had to commit to instead of a duty.

I know there is no greater joy than watching a youngster grow in golf.  Only keep in mind that as you teach golf for children, you are only there to put the game in front of them, never force-feed the game to them.  And certainly there will be others their age who may be way advanced to where your child is.  But trust me, where they are developmentally in pre-adolescents means nothing to where they both will be at age twenty.






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