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Golf Carts

Golf Carts- They’re Changing the Way We Play Golf

There are still a lot of golf purists who still prefer to play their golf the old way; which is to walk the course.  If you are younger you carry the golf clubs, and when you are not so young we pull them on a hand cart.  But golf course design no longer takes the walking golfer into account a lot, since the distances between green to the next tee are sometimes longer than a par 5, so we need golf carts.


Having the ability to space the holes out more provides the golf course designer greater options, so it’s best we simply go with the flow.  Nevertheless in spite of everything for me the optimum way to really experience a round of this game will be to walk the golf course, particularly if you have a caddie.  But those are becoming rare, as well.

Look at Some of the Innovations in Cart Design

This brings the discussion to the golf cart.  These are no longer buggies that are gas powered that were so loud you could not carry on banter in them.  The trendy golf cart will have the conveniences of your small car, often with a price to match.  But even the die-hard golfer who will only walk to experience a fulfilling round of golf has to admit the convenience such modern carts bring becomes pretty remarkable.  Many currently come with installed GPS systems, a cooler big enough to stock drinks for a large gathering after nine holes, and spaces to keep additional shoes and clothing for weather conditions that might change.


The golf cart’s major disadvantage is when conditions are too wet to take on the fairway.  Unless you’re skilled to accurately plan your drives and other golf shots, you might walk more than if you didn’t have a golf cart.  But rest assured they’re here to stay, and in some areas of the United States, particularly within Florida, they are becoming a way of life for several residence.  On golf course communities and regular suburban developments golf carts are taking over as the main mode of transportation for many people, particularly senior citizens.

Check Out the Wide Range of Styles

You can have a custom-made golf carts for within the range of $6000 to $20000, and they could look resembling Mustangs, Hummers, a 57 Chevy, a Cadillac Escalade, and roadsters which sound similar to roadsters, and almost any vehicle you can envision.  Some of these amenities are big stereo systems, high torque motors, air conditioners and GPS devices designed for both golf and the road.  Lots of people play a round of golf with them, then take them to a local restaurant, stop off to buy a bottle of wine and head home.

They are electric powered, and with the cost of gas it is really a less expensive form of transportation than the car.  All except four states within the U.S. allow them to be driven on public roads, and there are certain regulations which remain in effect.  Drivers need to be a minimum of age sixteen; they cannot be driven at night, and typically have a limit on the distance they might be driven legally from the place you live.

Commonly this is two miles, but South Carolina just increased the maximum distance to four miles.  But with the cost of auto gasoline rising, and the charm of this new means of transport, assume golf carts are going to be noticed not only around the golf course in many other areas.



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