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Unplug a Plugged Bunker Lie when Making the Golf Bunker Shot

Don’t Panic when Making the Golf Bunker Shot

Would you like to impress the members of your foursome by executing your shot from a plugged lie golf bunker shot? The buried lie from the lip of a bunker is a shot which is feared by many golfers. It may be an overwhelming shot if you are not equipped with proper swing fundamentals.

Plugged Bunker Lie

We have all been confronted with this shot if our approach shot comes up short and plugs in the face of a bunker. A bunker lip area generally contains softer sand because it is a much lower traffic area. This bunker shot for many players can take more then one attempt to reach the putting surface.

I realize the lie can look scary, but it is not as tough as you may think, and when executed successfully can do wonders for your  Here is the strategy I use to consistently hit my shot on to the green in only one shot.  At times, I get the sand shot  close enough to the pin for the one putt.

To Make the Successful Golf Bunker Shot, Plant Your Feet Firmly

1.  Start with the most secure stance achievable so you don’t slip in the course of the swing. Dig your feet into the sand till you have established a sound base.

2.  As you set up close the face of your sand wedge. Bear in mind, a specific shot may demand a different wedge based on the distance to the pin and height of the lip. Your wedge must face substantially left with a really closed angle. Make sure you set the stance parallel to the target line.

3.  Cock the wrists fully in the back swing, and drive the club into the sand just behind the golf ball. Use a significant amount of club head velocity and hit the shot with as much force as you can generate. Don’t ease up at impact or you will leave your ball in the bunker.

For the Plugged Golf Bunker Shot, Strike the Sand with a Closed Club Face

As a result of using a closed club face, the toe of the club will enter the sand first, and then square up as the pressure of the sand increases. This will cause the sand wedge to propel towards the golf ball, and generate an upward trajectory with a large amount of displaced sand. As a result, the golf ball will come out like a knuckleball.

As with all shots, make sure you practice this bunker shot before you take it to the course. Once you are comfortable with the right method, you will shave a few strokes off your score. Keep in mind, don’t be upset when you get a buried bunker shot in a green-side bunker. Turn your focus to fundamentals, and have confidence in your ability to execute the shot.


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