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Strike the Golf Ball on an Sloping Lie

Easy Ways to Hit a Golf Ball on an Sloping Lie

Regardless of where you play the game of golf, you’ll always encounter uneven lies, and there are a few golf courses where that’s the only shot you can expect to play.  Whether the ball is above or below the feet, or perhaps an uphill or downhill lie, you will need to make swing action modifications to correctly hit a golf ball on a sloping lie.  The most significant impediment you will have to do creating this golf shot effectively will be to maintain balance, and we are very mindful that proper balance is a key to maintaining a uniform swing.

So what will keep us in balance as we are negotiating those difficult golf shots?  The exact same things you must do to maintain your balance in virtually any given situation.  Foot position, posture and holding the shoulders at the appropriate slant and your head fairly still are what you should be aware of regarding how they relate to superior balance.

The Way to Handle the Following Predicaments

1.    Side hill lie uphill.  In case the ball is uphill to your feet, you will want to lean toward the golf ball.  If you do not you will probably fall backwards in or after your golf swing.  Obviously if you lean forward you will be closer to the golf ball, therefore choke up on the club just a little to compensate.  Also, because you will be working harder to sustain equilibrium it will be more difficult to trigger the golf club through your ball, so spot your golf ball a bit back in your stance, making it a “hook lie”.

2.    Side hill downhill lie.  Having the golf ball beneath your feet, to help keep your balance you have to lean back a bit, or sense that you are taking a seat.  This will certainly move you farther from the golf ball in the swing, so position slightly closer to your golf ball.  To complete practice golf swing with that hill angle to get a sense of where the club hits the ground.  Aim to the left, because hitting on the down-slope will probably give a fade.

3.    Uphill lie.  This would take some modifications, but of the four shots on an irregular surface this could be the least complicated.  The first rule is “swing with the slope”, so your shoulders, hips and knees will be aligned with the slope.  So you won’t be battling the body throughout the swing, think of swinging the club with the trajectory of the incline.  Position the ball somewhat forward of typical and use additional club, as the ball is going to fly shorter and higher.

4.    Downhill lie.  This for most is a really difficult golf shot.  Much like the uphill lie, line up the shoulders, hips plus knees with the slant, and swing with the slant.  During the swing keep the weight frontward, and since the shot is going to be a bit more “punched” with lower trajectory, use more loft on the club.

All of these situations put a bit more complexity to the shot, but they are part of playing golf.  You will need to know the way to execute them to be able to play your best.

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