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Exercises for Golf- Upper Body Exercise to Prevent Injury

Eliminate Golf Injuries with these Exercises for Golf

As golfers, one of the most aggravating things we must cope with is injuries related to the golf swing.  Fortunately we can head them off with these exercises for golf.  When they occur, sometimes only rest will cure an ailment, and that takes us away from the activity we love to do.  But to eliminate golf injuries, or even less severe aches and pains, we must have an understanding of what causes these ailments. Then take a preventive maintenance approach to insure a healthy body using exercises for golf.

Because fitness in golf is a very broad topic, we will in this article address the shoulders and back area.  First, the shoulders are a key area because of the range of motion demanded here.  The following exercise should be done not just at the beginning of a round of golf, but before every tee shot, at least in an abbreviated manner.


The First of Our Exercises for Golf

1.         Grip each end of the club with an overhand grip.

2.         Lift the club forward and over your head with your elbows kept straight.

3.         Move your hands to the back and behind your head until you feel tension in your shoulders.

4.         Hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds, and then release.

5.         Repeat two or three times.

Do not go beyond your limits, and never jerk while you stretch.  Think of how a cat stretches: slow and deliberate.

A Couple of Exercises for Golf for the Lower Torso

The other area which I will address to eliminate golf injuries is the lower back.  This is perhaps the most vulnerable area for a golfer, as the torque required in the golf swing puts an unnatural burden on this part of the body.  For this I will recommend an exercise on the golf course, and another to do in the home or office.  Try this exercise for golf on the course prior to your first shot, and then as you may feel muscles tighten up:

Ernie Els'' Guide to Golf Fitness

Ernie Els” Guide to Golf Fitness

1.         Stand straight with back and shoulders relaxed.

2.         Reach back and interlock your fingers behind you.

3.         Bend forward at the waste, keeping your back straight.

4.         Bring your arms up and forward, keeping your hands together.

5.         Hold for 10 to 20 seconds, and then release.

6.         Repeat two or three times.

This exercise is a great help to the upper torso.  For some preventive maintenance at home, try this:

1.         Sit upright in a chair, back straight.

2.         Reach behind you with your left arm to your right side, rotating your upper body.  Create torque by holding your right arm against your right leg.

3.         Hold for ten seconds, and then repeat the opposite way.  Do this each way at least three times.



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Great Ebook Offer

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