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Cure the Golf Slice- Causes and Cures to Eliminate it Forever

You Can Cure the Golf Slice Easier than You Think

The Golf Slice

There are many swing flaws that can induce your shot to bend off line like a banana. Trying to cure the golf slice will be the biggest problem facing the common golfer and also the cause usually goes back into a poor golf grip or set up.  Therfore, those will be the two areas where our focus will be.

The golf grip is one thing to have a look at when attempting to repair the golf slice. A poor grip will open the club at impact and will impart the wicked spin that can slice your shot off line. To put a stronger grip you can see two knuckles on your top hand. For lefthanders this implies rotating your left-hand clockwise on the grip until it climbs into the stronger position. A stronger grip will help you get the club face closed at ball impact which will result in the straight shot or a draw.

The Second Cause of the Golf Slice Comes from Cutting Across the Ball

If you’re still slicing the ball (bending shots on the left for lefthanders) you then must analyse your golf swing. The golf slice can happen from cutting across the ball due to improper golf swing technique. Whenever you take back the club away from the target line, to hit the ball you must move back on the downswing which opens up our bodies for the sliced shot. To correct this, practice slowly using club straight back after which allowing it to convert your system while you rotate your hips or shoulders. Instructors will encourage folks who suffer from this issue to practice their swings alongside a wall, to find yourself in the appropriate Golf Swing Plane you must avoid showing up in the wall.

Swing Flaws And Fitness Fixes

Swing Flaws And Fitness Fixes

Another quick fix you can try to fix the golf slice is always to simply close the face with the club because you address the ball. Turn the club so the front corner is facing the ball (lefties should point top tip with the clubface toward one o clock.) Closing the eye makes certain you will get the club square at ball impact imparting topspin that can help the shot carry longer as an alternative to slicing off line. If you’re still having difficulty hitting a draw you may think about driver that is defined to encourage a shot that moves from left to right for the lefthanders.

There are many less common causes of a hook. You may be playing the ball too far forward with your stance. In case you are catching the ball late, the clubface of the club will probably be closed at impact along with a hook will result. When the grip fix doesn’t work then try moving the ball back somewhat at address. Lefties hitting their driver should take the ball an inch or two behind the heel of the right foot. A hook can be the effect of an Inside Out Golf Swing.

Bringing the club back too close to your body in the backswing could cause a hook. The fix is to take the club straight back inside as you turn your hips out of the target. You need a closed swing to get the ball a little longer on drives but staying past an acceptable limit inside is going to create a hook.




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