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Competitive Golf Rivalries

Competitive Golf Rivalries which Keep Our Attention: Our 5 Best 

An intriguing part of every sport is the rivalries that build up over time between individuals or teams. The Yankees and Red Sox or Cubs and Cardinals really are fantastic baseball rivalries, and tennis has always had compelling rivalries. Golf isn’t any different, but by the nature of golf contests today will not consist of as many face-to-face contests. Excluding Ryder Cup meetings golfers are frequently playing against the total field in a tournament situation.  I’d like to discuss five of golf’s most competitive rivalries, and in so doing we will take into consideration not just the level of competitiveness but that historic importance for the game of golf.

As a result of this I will not include, for instance Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson mainly because I don’t think it had been a significant rivalry for golf. Golf fans wanted it to be, but for most of that time Woods had been totally superior. Great rivalries must have rivals who will be on somewhat similar ranking.

Our Five Greatest Golf Rivalries

  1. Palmer-Nicklaus. The particular rivalry ended up being noteworthy because it took place when TV was initially becoming a major element in the marketing of sporting events. It drew in numerous new followers than at any other time plus gave the sport of golf a kick-start with the general population. Arnold Palmer had become the first superstar golfer in the TV era, and people flocked to him. When he was tested by the more youthful Jack Nicklaus, who was the better player (though Palmer fans refused to admit it), it made for absorbing golf theater.
  2. Snead-Hogan. They are two true stars of golf and it’s interesting that their careers resembled one another, but at the same time they were almost entirely different people. Through the late 30s to late 50s they were strong rivals, Sam Snead winning 81 tournaments and Ben Hogan 61, nine of them majors. Snead won 7 majors but the imperfection on his resume had been to never win the United States Open.
  3. Nicklaus-Watson. I believe that this had been an important rivalry given it epitomizes precisely what every rivalry really needs to be. Their personal duels created some of the most unforgettable golf shots in history, and any time they challenged each other it at no time felt as though anyone lost, yet the victorious one triumphed due to great shot-making. Nearly as impressive had been the common admiration Nicklaus and Watson had for each other.
  4. Norman-Faldo. Subsequent to the Nicklaus-Palmer and Nicklaus-Watson competitive rivalries ending there had been a respite with dominant golfers. I imagine we all missed the particular rivalries and looked for an alternative, but when an Australian and a Brit elevated to prominence it brought a global flavor to the game of golf and this is something that we’ve seen since that point. Over those years Nick Faldo won six majors but Greg Norman spent 331 weeks as the earth’s top rated golfer. Norman will possibly go down in history as being the unluckiest golfer in major tournaments, but he was always near the top due to his outstanding play.
  5. Azinger-Ballesteros. I refer to this specific rivalry not on account of the brilliant records, in spite of the fact that both were extremely accomplished golfers. Still I believe this rivalry actually has a lot to do with making the Ryder Cup what it essentially is these days. It began in 1989, and their not exactly gentlemanly battles helped transform the Ryder Cup to the high-intensity events of the present day.
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