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Clubspeed from the Hips

Creating Clubspeed from the Hips

Everyone that plays golf would like greater distance on their golf shots.  It is not a secret that more distance is accomplished by two main things: a cleaner contact on the ball along with greater club head velocity.  Hitting golf balls “cleaner”, that is with the club face perfectly square to the golf ball at contact necessitates appropriate swing action fundamentals.  Creating more club head velocity, which most everybody attempts to apply every swing, is going to be our theme of the following piece, and that is generating club speed from the hips.


Most people endeavor to generate more golf club velocity from the wrong areas.  Making use of the hands or wrists to acquire that added “pop” to generate speed just prior to contact has found to not actually boost tangible velocity, but is prone to throw the club face off line.  Similarly should individuals with less experience try to produce momentum from the arms and shoulders it normally just throws the club face off line, eliminating any clean ball strike.  I am sure you have noticed that proficient players normally don’t have unnecessary movement within the arms and upper body.

Professional Golfers Produce almost All their Clubspeed from the Hips

Skilled golfers realize that power is generated from the core of the body.  This pivoting action with the hips produces the energy outward to the arms, hands and ultimately to the club head.  As soon as the hips rotate quickly along with a complete turn, opening completely at ball impact, they are creating optimum power without appearing like they are putting a great deal of effort into the swing.


Here’s the way in which you ought to make your hips work:

1.    Back swing.  On the top of the back swing, your hips need to be at approximately 45 degrees to your target and the shoulders about 90 degrees.

2.    Downswing.  Initiate your down swing with the hips, not your hands.  A lateral shift with the lead hip in the direction of your target starts off the power necessary for your swing, all the while keeping the back facing the objective.

3.    The hip turn.  As soon as the majority of your weight has already been shifted to your left side, quickly revolve the hips out of the way to allow your arms to move through your swing.  The actual quickness and timing of this hip turn is the power generator.

4.    Your finish in the swing.  If your belt buckle ends up facing your target, all the rest normally should follow.  Permit the knees to touch and also the hands to finish up in a high location.

Being mindful of this, you can understand that power will not be generated by strength, but by centrifugal force.  That is why rather small, wiry people can knock the ball a good distance.  A final swing key: use your shoulder muscles to drag your hips back in the back swing, but use your hips to pull your shoulders along with your club through the ball.

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