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3 Reasons to use Rescue Clubs

Challenges for Women Golfers

Addressing Some of the Challenges for Women Golfers

Each golfer has different problems, and there are golf training aides designed to handle those challenges. In researching where women golfers have the most difficulties, we learned some surprising things. In addressing the most important challenges for women golfers, specific problems will not necessarily be impossible to overcome because of physical limitations, but some education can help.

The three areas that we feel are the most important challenges to women golfers involve putting, insufficient driving yardage, and general club head speed. With some understanding on what you are trying to accomplish as well as a bit of training, we believe that women golfers can show progress in all three areas.

The Three Areas where Women Golfers Can Easily Improve

1. Putting. This might be thought of as a challenge for women golfers, as putting wouldn’t appear to require power. Nevertheless in PGA versus LPGA statistics, men are statistically better than women in putting, and women are superior in hitting greens in regulation. So why are women poorer at putting?  Two things right away come to mind, at least for casual golfers: they too frequently utilize a putter which is exceedingly long for them, and they do not take putting training seriously enough. These two factors obviously don’t hold true with professional golfers, but for amateurs if they would get fitted for a putter that is the right length and work on stroke mechanics at the practice green, we can practically ensure their scores will plunge.


2. Not enough driving distance. Women’s professional golfers are getting more into physical training, and their driving distances have gone up as a result. This has in all probability not happened to a great level with recreational golfers. The areas to work are the core, the abs, lower back and hamstrings. Also, learning to harness the power of centrifugal force is an even better contributor, which has been described as “let the club do the work”. There are some teaching tools available that should help you get a “feel” for producing this centrifugal force.

3. Despite which club you use, they all go about the same yardage. The cause for this is not enough club head speed, and as a long-time golfer, I have seen that my long irons no longer have the yardage of my middle irons as club head speed has diminished. Club head speed might be improved with effort, but time will always take its toll. My solution has been rescue clubs and being refitted with fairway woods. Another tip to answer the most important challenges for women golfers is improving ball contact. Statistics show that for every half inch you strike the ball from your sweet spot, you lose ten yards. By becoming more consistent with your ball striking will provide more yardage.

These most important challenges to women golfers could be overcome by practice. Additionally, women appear to be more prone than men to give in to difficult shots, like deep rough or sand shots. I’ll confess, there are lots of times I feel the same, but I know that won’t help me the next time I’m confronted with the same shot. Practicing those difficult shots and playing them during your round on the golf course will make you more confident with negotiating those difficult shots.


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