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Less Golf Swing Tension and Hit It Longer

Maintain Less Golf Swing Tension in Your Swing

Trying to get less golf swing tension into your swing can be a never-ending task. How often have you started a round of golf with outstanding timing and speed only to see it vanish in the course of the latter part of the round? Most golfers think that in some way their golf swing has been altered and broken down in the course of their round. Consequently, they head directly to the practice range and revert to focusing on simple golf swing mechanics.

Doesn’t it appear curious that in the blink of an eye, a golf player’s swing can change? It is possible that golf swing mechanics do not actually change, but instead, the back swing becomes shorter, swing speed increases and follow-through is abbreviated.  This is simply because extreme golf swing tension has crept into the golf swing.

Maintain Consistently Less Golf Swing Tension

The main golf swing key I’ve utilized over the years has been to maintain consistent swing tension throughout my swing. When I am playing effectively and executing well played shots, I work extra hard on making a fluid and relaxed swing. Swing tension inevitably will arise throughout the swing especially if a golfer focuses on score, shot outcome, or a previous poor hole.

What can keeping tension from the golf swing actually involve and which components of the body does it pertain to? There are three areas I work on when trying to control tension in the golf swing. All have equal significance, but there is one swing area I focus on the most.

Less Golf Swing Tension Starts With the Grip

The first area to take into account is the grip. You hear a lot of top golfing instructors talk about feeling as if you are lightly holding a bird in your fingers. This is a excellent analogy and to me, suggests a grip pressure of five on a range of one to ten. The key is keeping consistent grip pressure through the golf swing. In this way, you will allow the wrists to hinge in the course of the back swing and your hands to fully turn loose at impact.

The second area of significance when it comes to pressure is the forearms. Keeping this area tension-free during the swing lets a golf player maintain excellent extension and minimize the picking up the golf club too vertically during the back swing.

Finally, the area I focus on the most are the shoulders. By maintaining your shoulders totally free of tension during the complete swing you will achieve a full and unrestricted back swing, improved club head speed, a full release and a long and unrestricted follow-through.

The next time your golf swing appears to be falling apart, concentrate on keeping a tension free swing from beginning to end. Keep in mind; when you need to make that shot to win a match, shoot your best score, or simply keep your round going, decreasing tension in the swing will help you to achieve your intended goal.

The following are my ideas for decreasing golf swing tension. Work on these each time you practice and concentrate on a couple specific ones when warming up for the round.

Golf Gym PowerSwing Trainer

Golf Gym PowerSwing Trainer

  1. Feel the club head during the entire swing
  2. Focus on a tension free swing whether practicing or playing
  3. Recognize that too much tension slows the club head down and results in much less distance
  4. Apply enough grip pressure without generating tension in the forearms, wrists and shoulders
  5. A slice occurs as a result of too much stiffness in the hands and forearms
  6. Shoulder pressure restricts the arms from swinging freely
  7. Start off each practice session with short fluid golfing swings, to the point of using your pitching wedge

The very best swing method will not function if there is considerable tension in the golf swing. I realize controlling your golf swing tension will help you improve your golf scores.


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Unconventional Golf Rules

Unconventional Golf Rules that Are Nice to Know

Possibly what makes any sport really great will be the nearly infinite number of circumstances you will observe during the course of watching it over time.  I’ve enjoyed baseball for over 50 years, and I marvel at the number of times I view something that I’d never witnessed before on any baseball field.  Just the most complex games offer so many variables.  And so it will be for golf.  There are a number of unconventional golf rules that rarely come up, but any serious golfer serious golfer should know what to do in these situations.


There may be only a handful of folks in the world that know even half of all the rules in the book.  We wind up applying whatever we know (or imagine we know) to make a ruling.  However there are so many circumstances which you simply attempt to do what you think is correct.  You can also find several rules which could really be unique.  We’ll go over several now, not as an instructional experience but as a fun exercise to demonstrate how crazy the golf rulebook can get.

Here Are a few of those Unconventional Golf Rules

1.  Removing morning dew from your ball.  If you enjoy playing golf early in the day, you are aware of how the ball gets covered with dew in the wet grass.  Should you wipe the ball off in any way, this is a two-stroke penalty.  A ball can only be cleaned previous to placing it on the tee or after marking on the golf green.  (Rule 13-2)


2.  Tending the pin.  When anyone is positioned close enough to the flag they will be able to touch it, it is regarded in the regulations that they’re tending the flag.  In the event the golf ball subsequently strikes the flag stick, even though played from away from the golf green, it will be a two-stroke penalty.  (Rule 17-1).

3.  The instance when hitting out of bounds is okay (but rarely okay with the other person).  Let’s say that unluckily you knock your ball out of bounds, yet luckily your opposing player is in fact positioned out of bounds and your ball hits him.  When the ball eventually settles out of bounds, there is no penalty, and you simply are able to repeat your shot.

4.  The reason why you should always recognize your ball.  In the event you along with your playing companion hit your shots into the identical place, and you also have the same make of golf ball with the exact same markings, what person plays which ball?  By rule, both golf balls are in effect misplaced, both players penalized one stroke and both return to replay their golf shot.  (Rule 12-2).

5.    Loose obstacles in any hazard.  In case your ball is in any hazard and then a loose obstruction should drop on or by your golf ball, do not touch it.  In the event you do move the obstruction it’s a two-stroke penalty.  (Rule 13-4).

These are just a small sample of rules that you may only seldom if ever use.  But most of these can be lumped into groups for general rules; you just have to know what the general rule which it is applicable to will be.

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Golf Shoes

What to Look for when Searching for Golf Shoes

To begin with, if you don’t play golf on a regular basis, or even when you do, will you actually need to spend a lot of money on golf shoes?  The response will be: absolutely yes.  As with nearly every sport, the feet act as the foundation for all we do, and the shoes will be part of that foundation.  It in fact is not a matter of fashion, but the way it aids us in the way we play the game.   As golfers we put a lot of strain on the feet, so your golf shoes have to not just maintain our foot health but additionally prevent slipping in the course of the golf swing.


When buying a golf shoe, even before considering how comfortable they feel think about the support it will offer your foot.  NBA basketball players break out brand new shoes every second game, since the stress they put on them will cause loss in support.  And the owners don’t need a weakened shoe to produce an ankle injury for their high-priced talent.

Give Up on Shoes that begin to Break Down

Similarly, golf footwear breaks down.  Consequently when we make the acquisition we want to understand how well they’ll support our foot in the rotating motion in the golf swing.  Many golfers suffer from a common foot problem called neuroma.  It is basically a pinched nerve at the base in the foot, and it is brought on by the weight transfer that continually takes place as we rotate and follow-through in the course of the swing.  It is the job of the shoe to maintain your foot during the swing.

To know you get adequate support with those brand new shoes, test them out.  Take the heel with one hand and the toe of the shoe in your other.  Now twist in reverse directions to check for solidity.  An effective shoe will give only a small amount.  If it is exceptionally supple it will not support your foot appropriately.


Golf Shoes must Provide Comfort

Then, try on the footwear for comfort.  Much of this will depend on the material the shoe will be constructed from, going from the low end imitation leather to calfskin leather within the high side.  You will find dissimilar leather grades in between, and the quality will be a determining issue in the price of the shoe.  Waterproofing will factor in, and generally the superior quality footwear will keep your feet the driest.  The label “water resistant” basically means there is no waterproof guarantee at all.

Finally, we’ll look at the spikes of the shoe.  Metal spikes are basically a thing with the past, and when you have them there aren’t many golf courses which will let you on their course.  Plastics spikes are in, and the great thing is they don’t tear up the ground.  The difficult thing is they don’t offer as much traction.  But you must have spikes, since without them it really is like automobile tires with no tread: You’ll get some slippage if it is dry and may fall and injure yourself when it is damp.  Just keep in mind that plastic spikes will wear down quicker as opposed to the old metal variety, and it’s crucial that you change them more frequently.

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Great Ebook Offer
Great Ebook Offer

Every golfer feels stress when playing golf, and this book gives proven ways to deal with it. Take a look at this book, as I think it will provide some pointers that can really help you on the golf course.


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