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Strike the Golf Ball on an Sloping Lie

Easy Ways to Hit a Golf Ball on an Sloping Lie

Regardless of where you play the game of golf, you’ll always encounter uneven lies, and there are a few golf courses where that’s the only shot you can expect to play.  Whether the ball is above or below the feet, or perhaps an uphill or downhill lie, you will need to make swing action modifications to correctly hit a golf ball on a sloping lie.  The most significant impediment you will have to do creating this golf shot effectively will be to maintain balance, and we are very mindful that proper balance is a key to maintaining a uniform swing.

So what will keep us in balance as we are negotiating those difficult golf shots?  The exact same things you must do to maintain your balance in virtually any given situation.  Foot position, posture and holding the shoulders at the appropriate slant and your head fairly still are what you should be aware of regarding how they relate to superior balance.

The Way to Handle the Following Predicaments

1.    Side hill lie uphill.  In case the ball is uphill to your feet, you will want to lean toward the golf ball.  If you do not you will probably fall backwards in or after your golf swing.  Obviously if you lean forward you will be closer to the golf ball, therefore choke up on the club just a little to compensate.  Also, because you will be working harder to sustain equilibrium it will be more difficult to trigger the golf club through your ball, so spot your golf ball a bit back in your stance, making it a “hook lie”.

2.    Side hill downhill lie.  Having the golf ball beneath your feet, to help keep your balance you have to lean back a bit, or sense that you are taking a seat.  This will certainly move you farther from the golf ball in the swing, so position slightly closer to your golf ball.  To complete practice golf swing with that hill angle to get a sense of where the club hits the ground.  Aim to the left, because hitting on the down-slope will probably give a fade.

3.    Uphill lie.  This would take some modifications, but of the four shots on an irregular surface this could be the least complicated.  The first rule is “swing with the slope”, so your shoulders, hips and knees will be aligned with the slope.  So you won’t be battling the body throughout the swing, think of swinging the club with the trajectory of the incline.  Position the ball somewhat forward of typical and use additional club, as the ball is going to fly shorter and higher.

4.    Downhill lie.  This for most is a really difficult golf shot.  Much like the uphill lie, line up the shoulders, hips plus knees with the slant, and swing with the slant.  During the swing keep the weight frontward, and since the shot is going to be a bit more “punched” with lower trajectory, use more loft on the club.

All of these situations put a bit more complexity to the shot, but they are part of playing golf.  You will need to know the way to execute them to be able to play your best.

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Unplug a Plugged Bunker Lie when Making the Golf Bunker Shot

Don’t Panic when Making the Golf Bunker Shot

Would you like to impress the members of your foursome by executing your shot from a plugged lie golf bunker shot? The buried lie from the lip of a bunker is a shot which is feared by many golfers. It may be an overwhelming shot if you are not equipped with proper swing fundamentals.

Plugged Bunker Lie

We have all been confronted with this shot if our approach shot comes up short and plugs in the face of a bunker. A bunker lip area generally contains softer sand because it is a much lower traffic area. This bunker shot for many players can take more then one attempt to reach the putting surface.

I realize the lie can look scary, but it is not as tough as you may think, and when executed successfully can do wonders for your  Here is the strategy I use to consistently hit my shot on to the green in only one shot.  At times, I get the sand shot  close enough to the pin for the one putt.

To Make the Successful Golf Bunker Shot, Plant Your Feet Firmly

1.  Start with the most secure stance achievable so you don’t slip in the course of the swing. Dig your feet into the sand till you have established a sound base.

2.  As you set up close the face of your sand wedge. Bear in mind, a specific shot may demand a different wedge based on the distance to the pin and height of the lip. Your wedge must face substantially left with a really closed angle. Make sure you set the stance parallel to the target line.

3.  Cock the wrists fully in the back swing, and drive the club into the sand just behind the golf ball. Use a significant amount of club head velocity and hit the shot with as much force as you can generate. Don’t ease up at impact or you will leave your ball in the bunker.

For the Plugged Golf Bunker Shot, Strike the Sand with a Closed Club Face

As a result of using a closed club face, the toe of the club will enter the sand first, and then square up as the pressure of the sand increases. This will cause the sand wedge to propel towards the golf ball, and generate an upward trajectory with a large amount of displaced sand. As a result, the golf ball will come out like a knuckleball.

As with all shots, make sure you practice this bunker shot before you take it to the course. Once you are comfortable with the right method, you will shave a few strokes off your score. Keep in mind, don’t be upset when you get a buried bunker shot in a green-side bunker. Turn your focus to fundamentals, and have confidence in your ability to execute the shot.


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Challenges for Women Golfers

Addressing Some of the Challenges for Women Golfers

Each golfer has different problems, and there are golf training aides designed to handle those challenges. In researching where women golfers have the most difficulties, we learned some surprising things. In addressing the most important challenges for women golfers, specific problems will not necessarily be impossible to overcome because of physical limitations, but some education can help.

The three areas that we feel are the most important challenges to women golfers involve putting, insufficient driving yardage, and general club head speed. With some understanding on what you are trying to accomplish as well as a bit of training, we believe that women golfers can show progress in all three areas.

The Three Areas where Women Golfers Can Easily Improve

1. Putting. This might be thought of as a challenge for women golfers, as putting wouldn’t appear to require power. Nevertheless in PGA versus LPGA statistics, men are statistically better than women in putting, and women are superior in hitting greens in regulation. So why are women poorer at putting?  Two things right away come to mind, at least for casual golfers: they too frequently utilize a putter which is exceedingly long for them, and they do not take putting training seriously enough. These two factors obviously don’t hold true with professional golfers, but for amateurs if they would get fitted for a putter that is the right length and work on stroke mechanics at the practice green, we can practically ensure their scores will plunge.


2. Not enough driving distance. Women’s professional golfers are getting more into physical training, and their driving distances have gone up as a result. This has in all probability not happened to a great level with recreational golfers. The areas to work are the core, the abs, lower back and hamstrings. Also, learning to harness the power of centrifugal force is an even better contributor, which has been described as “let the club do the work”. There are some teaching tools available that should help you get a “feel” for producing this centrifugal force.

3. Despite which club you use, they all go about the same yardage. The cause for this is not enough club head speed, and as a long-time golfer, I have seen that my long irons no longer have the yardage of my middle irons as club head speed has diminished. Club head speed might be improved with effort, but time will always take its toll. My solution has been rescue clubs and being refitted with fairway woods. Another tip to answer the most important challenges for women golfers is improving ball contact. Statistics show that for every half inch you strike the ball from your sweet spot, you lose ten yards. By becoming more consistent with your ball striking will provide more yardage.

These most important challenges to women golfers could be overcome by practice. Additionally, women appear to be more prone than men to give in to difficult shots, like deep rough or sand shots. I’ll confess, there are lots of times I feel the same, but I know that won’t help me the next time I’m confronted with the same shot. Practicing those difficult shots and playing them during your round on the golf course will make you more confident with negotiating those difficult shots.


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Golf Practice Range

The Golf Practice Range – Tips To Prepare Like a Pro

Whenever I go to a golf tournament, the place I never neglect spending time would be the golf practice range. It really is interesting to observe professionals when they are really practicing their craft. So what do the people who make their living competing in this game do that almost all of us never do? Quite a few things, actually, and many that appear to bear little importance really are significant.

1. Organize yourself before you strike that opening ball. Remember to dress appropriately, including golf footwear and glove. Decide specifically what you propose to work on through the time you practice, and by all means, stretch out appropriately, not just before your first shot, but at regular intervals.


2. Do not begin with the driver! Begin using the wedge and work up, finishing with the driver. This is necessary to rectify any faults as they creep into your swing, so it becomes less difficult to correct as you build up the length of your swing. The point is, simply because it is referred to as a driving range does not indicate you have to utilize only a driver (although many seem to).  You use your pitching wedge on the course quite a bit, so use it at the practice range.

3. Take your time between shots. When you find yourself at the golf practice range, make every golf shot count. Step back and analyze why you miss hit a ball as opposed to just brushing it off. Change your target areas frequently, because it’ll cause you to constantly rethink your alignment and position on the golf ball. Occasionally after set up, lay a club on the ground touching your toes, after that check from behind to see whether you have aligned yourself the way you had wanted. I do know  many times I am amazed how far off my alignment had been.

4. Try to reconstruct conditions regarding the golf course as much as you are able to while practicing. This will likely require some imagination, however imagine out of bounds or a water hazard on one edge or another of the target spot.

5. Focus! I watched Tiger Woods on the practice green together with his caddy at Celtic Manor, and his focus was unbelievable. There was no interaction with anybody else. That held true for each of the golfers while they were on the driving range. Turn off the mobile phone and do not socialize.

6. Most significant, have fun. Make a game of being at the golf practice range. Challenge yourself to strike five consecutive shots within five feet of your target, or three drives to the left of an imaginary fairway, after that three right and three center. Using some imagination it may be nearly as much fun as being at the golf course.

Practice does not have to become all grind. The greater enjoyment you will have on the golf practice range, the more anxious you will be to return and the better you can become.  Take advantage of practicing a variety of golf shots, and work on your swing tempo in addition to shaping the golf ball.


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Winter Conditions Golf

Winter Conditions Golf- Here’s What You Must Account For

When we enter the colder months of the year, some people simply put the golf clubs away.  Nevertheless there are a few diehards that look for any golf course that is open.  And as we get towards the start of the golf season, there are going to be days after all the courses are open but the temperature is going to drop for a number of days, and if you have a tee-time booked, you’ll want to play through it.  That’s when it’s good to know a few ways to beat winter conditions golf.

Factors you must Consider when Playing in Cold Weather

1.    The way to dress.  Keeping your feet warm and dry remain of the greatest significance. This is when you’ll need golf shoes which are truly waterproof and will include socks that are warm.  Multiple layers starting with close-fitting underwear, tight-knitted sweaters that are turtleneck, wool pants, and lastly rain apparel as your top layer should keep you as warm as feasible devoid of totally limiting your movement.  Topping off your clothing will be a knit ski cap, that is certainly an absolute must.


2.    What to drink.  Alcohol might seem like it ought to keep you warm, however in reality has the opposite effect.  Instead, drink hot coffee or hot chocolate that you will transport inside a jumbo thermos.

3.    Adjust your swing.  The swing is naturally going to become restricted with the clothing, so do not battle it.  Swing using a little bit slower tempo than typical, and keep it more compact.  Consequently, you are going to require more club than normal, so don’t try to compensate by trying to get a bit more into the golf ball.  Simply accept the situation and grab a six or seven iron rather than an eight iron.

4.    Walk the course.  Not only will it be good exercise, but it’s going to keep you warmer than riding inside a golf cart (unless it is enclosed with a heater).  If you must have a golf cart, it should at the very least have a windshield.


Hand Warmers make a Good Addition to your Winter Golf Arsenal

Some other tips for golfing in cold weather:  pick up some of those small hand warmers that are available in plastic pouches.  Get a bunch of them, and all you need to do is to shake them getting them activated and they provide heat for up to eight hours.  Secondly, don’t expect to establish any course records in these conditions.  You are playing at this time as a result of your love for the game.  You will not be able to pull off some of the golf shots you would normally make.  You need to make it up having a better short game.

Should you be really intent on maintaining your golf proficiency up over the winter months but don’t need the suffering that comes with playing during freezing conditions, consider various indoor practice drills.  I have learned so much about flaws in my swing through watching my swing in a mirror.  I do know  I’ve surprised myself with just how much out of alignment I had been, or the amount of sway was within my golf swing.  In addition, it helps a great deal if you can find an indoor facility which enables you to videotape your golf swing.  There are numerous ways to beat the weather over the cold winter months.

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Cardinal Rules of Golf

Cardinal Rules of Golf that will Enhance Your Game

We believe you will find a number of rules of golf that if everyone adhered to them on the course it would improve the game even more.  Mind you, for the most part golfers put most of these unwritten rules into practice most of the time, but being human we all slip up.  So let’s say this will be merely a pleasant reminder of a few cardinal rules of golf we should always (or never) do around the golf course.

Here Are Seven things to Always Follow


1.    At all times treat the course with respect.  Restore your divots with a divot mix, that material which is in the plastic jugs on the golf carts.  Sometimes that is hard to remember when admiring your last brilliant golf shot, nevertheless it’s good getting in the habit.  Also, on the golf green a ball mark left unattended can take two to three weeks to repair by itself, but one that will be properly repaired might take three days.

2.    Choose the right golf club.  For the most part amateurs use a golf club designed to get them to their target on their top day in ideal conditions, which almost always will leave them short.  Make use of additional club but swing at 80%, like most professionals do, and you will get there more frequently.

3.    Putt the golf ball on every occasion you are able to around the green.  Lob shots might be very beautiful, but unless you happen to be really good at playing them, they aren’t high-percentage shots.  There are going to be times where you must play this shot, however putt the golf ball whenever you can.

4.    Keep the head steady.  If you can keep the head steady in the course of the swing, you can eliminate many swing flaws.  Hitting a golf ball is easier than striking a baseball, as it doesn’t move.  The more you move your head throughout the golf swing, the more the golf ball is going to appear to be in motion.  Keeping a steady head will simplify your golf swing.

5.    Never give your spouse guidance.  I understand you’re thinking that you are doing them a big favor, however trust me, it always ends up bad.

6.    When you are able to use a golf tee, use it.  Which is of course only in the tee area.  It is far less difficult for getting a shot airborne when the ball is setting up, and as Jack Nicklaus said, “I’ve learned the air offers less resistance than dirt.”

7.    Be open to golf advice.  Not to say you ought to modify your swing whenever you read about some can’t-miss idea, because if you do your golf swing will forever be an image of chaos.  But learning fresh or different approaches for the game will allow you to be in a position to adapt different concepts to your golf swing, in addition to your game.  And bear in mind, as you age your golf swing might need to adapt.  Your golf swing is not exactly the same now as it was 20 years ago, and naturally the equipment is way unlike, as well.

Playing a game of golf can be a joy, but not if you’re constantly beating yourself up due to bad play.  It happens to everybody, so keep a sense of humor and a little perspective while at the course.  A wayward round of golf does not imply you aren’t in spite of everything a first-rate individual.

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Great Ebook Offer

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