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3 Typical Errors for Weekend Golfers

The 3 Typical Errors for Weekend Golfers

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to play with many, many golfers, and they range from scratch players up to the person who comes out and plays once a year. By looking at those contrasts between golfers of varying abilities, the most common differences can be put into 3 typical errors for weekend golfers. Thankfully, everyone can improve in any of these areas. In fact, I’m sure that these competent players at one point as part of their progress had difficulties with all three areas.

What Are the Three Errors

These three factors I’d like to center on, along with hopefully provide a little information on how they may be remedied:

1. Concentrating on the golf ball. Most high handicap players, though they probably aren’t aware of it, don’t maintain their eye concentration on the ball enough. There have been assessments done with cameras on golfers as they putt, and one of the secrets to outstanding putting is what they call “quiet eyes”. First-rate golfers never let the eyes move from the ball, even a little.

One can work on this by not just looking at the golf ball through the golf swing, but to concentrate on the logo or a specific part of the golf ball and try to in fact watch it leave the club face. If you’re able to do that effectively, you could be surprised at how much better the shot contact will become.

2. Muscle tension. It is really an area that athletes in any game where a complete body harmony is  needed to be proficient. Golf is certainly one of these sports. The game of golf places a premium on stability and suppleness, and those become extremely difficult to do if our muscles are tensed up. Obviously when we’re trying so intently to do something that seems very difficult (picture getting that brand-new Titlist over 100 yards of water), it is just natural to become tense.

There are numerous relaxation practices that one could learn to do in your pre-swing routine. Getting in a few deep breaths is easily done and straightforward to perform, and shaking one’s arms some to relax things up also help. Seek a few that works for you, and subsequently put them in your pre-shot routine.

3. Attempting to scoop a golf ball. It just would seem natural that if you’re trying to get your ball in the air, you’ll need to lift it off the surface. I know it seems counter-intuitive to say that you have to strike down on the shot to get it in the air, but that is why golf clubs are built the way they are. Except if you are hitting your shot that’s off a tee, and that is already above the ground, or you are attempting to roll a putt along the surface, you must hit down and through your golf ball when getting it airborne.

The best advice I can give for doing this is at ball contact make sure your hand location is in front of the ball. When you trust yourself to do this there is almost no way in which you’ll get into that horrible habit of trying to lift the ball off the ground.

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Golf Swing Tips for New and Intermediate Golfers

New Golfer’s Swing Tips

Starting to learn the fundamentals of golf can at times be intimidating, but I will offer here a few golf swing tips for golfers just starting out, and we will concentrate on three areas.  Most manuals will go into grip recommendations, golf driving information, and additional aspects of the game that are farther down the to-do list. The golf suggestions I would like to go into here include the set-up, correct stability, and golf ball concentration.

These three golf swing tips are going to determine the quality of the swing, and once they’re put into practice, golf driving tips and grip instructions is going to fall into place.  Golf instruction, especially when you are starting out should be kept simple.  That is why we emphasize the swing that is simple, as it’s meant to take away the clutter, not add to it.  The other concept we will talk about at length is the golf swing plane.

Golf Swing Tips for the New Golfer You Must Be Familiar With

To simplify, in order to hit a golf ball constantly with as little side spin as achievable, we’ll study the following golf guidelines:

1. The set-up. The first of our golf swing tips is instead of setting up to your golf ball with the thought of generating as much golf club speed as you can (you aren’t there yet), think about being able to hit the golf ball head-on, and not a slicing, or glancing blow. If you were to look down on the golf ball, and the direction you wish the ball to go would be twelve o’clock relating to the ball, ideally you’d want to hit the ball at roughly seven o’clock and would exit the ball at approximately one o’clock.

If the shot is made with the club head being square with the golf ball (not opened or closed), you ought to be in a position to send the golf ball that has a slight counter clockwise spin, or hook spin. For the new golfer who is seeking distance, that will give you the most yardage.

2. Balance. The second of our swing tips could possibly be the most important for the golf swing for starting-out golfers, as it is impossible for any golfer at any level to become constant lacking good stability. However instead of getting into an extended conversation on things that go into sense of balance, allow us to keep it simple.

Consider maintaining the spine vertical and upright through the golf swing. Sustaining a straight spine will permit a free rotation with least resistance, making for fewer moving components. It will also keep your head still, allowing you to better focus on your ball in the course of the golf swing. A straight spine with some bend in your hips and knees is going to allow you to be better balanced, providing you with a more constant golf swing.

3. Ball focus. There is a big difference between seeing the golf ball during the swing and experiencing a complete, laser-like focus with the ball. It is one thing not talked about for the reason that everybody assumes that you just routinely keep the “eye on the ball”. But that isn’t enough. I read once where a professional golfer would juggle two golf balls with one hand in order to make him better focus on the ball. Whatever training support you use to help you with your golf ball focus is great.

Obviously these barely scratch the surface for these swing tips for the golf swing, but at this point your golf education should be kept simple, without getting too technical. But I congratulate you on trying to improve yourself in the sport, and hope these golfing suggestions have gotten you started with the right foot.


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Correct Golf Swing Review that All Golfers Can Attain

Start With a Correct Golf Swing Takeaway

The correct golf swing review is an attempt to implement a simple golf swing, from the swing takeaway to a full follow-through.  This doesn’t require countless hours trying to attain something that is unattainable.  For double-digit handicappers, the objective of the golf swing is to do less, not more.  I think that most golf lessons are designed to teach the traditional golf swing, and it is why most golfers fail to improve.

Simplifying the golf swing is the easiest and quickest way for the high handicap golfer to achieve improvement, and it can be said that the typical method of teaching has not lowered the average overall handicap of golfers in the last twenty years despite great advances in technology.  There are numerous golf training exercises you can do at home, or check out the pages on this site for training videos that are going to improve your game.  We think an excellent way to start thinking about the golf swing that will stay with you for the long-term is a concept called the golf swing plane.  At first it will sound complex, but once you have a grasp on it everything will fall into place.

The Correct Golf Swing Review

With that said, I would like to introduce you to a natural golf swing concept I found called the The Simple Golf Swing System.  This system covers all the points mentioned in the above paragraph, and although I have not personally taken David Nevogt’s course, the concepts covered in it I know to be true.  I struggled with the game for over thirty years, and it wasn’t until I semi-retired and spent countless hours on the golf course and driving range did I understand what he is talking about.  The golf swing does not have to be complicated, but we build complexity into it by adding to our swing whenever we take lessons or read tips in golf magazines.  The end result is a swing that is impossible to duplicate on a consistent basis.

This eBook and video comes with a complete money-back guarantee if you haven’t seen substantial progress in 60 days.  By learning a correct golf swing that is clutter-free, you will be able to master the five simple steps of The Simple Golf Swing System in a surprisingly short amount of time.  This simple golf swing review for a correct golf swing will be well worth your time.

Golf fun fact from Wikipedia:  Golf is one of the few ball games that does not require a standardized playing area.



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Golf Swing Basics for New and Intermediate Golfers

Proper Golf Swing Basics for New Golfers

When addressing proper golf swing basics for new golfers, the idea is keep things simple and not try emulating the pros. They are past simple golf swing basics in their games, as their golf swings are so far advanced to ours that it would only cause more frustration than this great game of golf already has. What I would like to propose to the new golfer is to get very simple in their swing basics, and once that is in place build from that foundation.

Start with the Short Game

1. Work on the short game first. I suppose because we start a hole from the tee, people learning the game think that is where their training should begin. I believe swing basics begin with chipping the ball, then moving up, ending with the driver. The object of any swing is what happens at ball contact, and the rest of the swing is only in support of ball contact. The closer you get to the hole, the greater number of times you will use a particular club. Then doesn’t it stand to reason the more time you use a particular club during a round of golf, the more time you should put into practicing with it?

Hook shot

Clubface at Impact

It is natural for the new golfer to walk onto the driving range, pull out the driver, and hit half a bucket of balls with it and work on his long game. But how many times do you hit a driver during a round of golf?   Fourteen at most, and some of those swings with the driver another club would have been the better choice. Give the driver a rest.

2. Work on contact, not club speed. Controlled contact will serve your game much better than working to generate club speed for distance. This is why we start with the chip around the green, as it has the shortest length in the swing, and therefore is the most controlled of any club. When the new golfer practices this shot, he should always here a crisp “click” on the ball at contact. Also, practice eliminating any side-spin which on the longer clubs will cause a slice or hook.  Personally I have found hybrid clubs to help in hitting a straighter ball than with the long irons.

3. Be under control.  As you move up from the chip when developing proper golf swing basics, think “smooth and under control” rather than “fast and aggressive”.  Swinging the club harder might send the ball further, but only if you strike it solidly. But even if you strike it solidly but impart a great deal of side-spin, the ball will be in worse position than if you hit it 50 or 100 yards less, but with more control.

4. Get in reasonable shape.  It would be very difficult for the new golfer, or that matter any golfer, to maintain proper swing basics without being in decent physical shape. Muscles used for a proper golf swing are not used on a regular basis, so they should be maintained with an off-course program.

This is just a primer course in proper golf swing basics. The new golfer should always be patient in his progress and above all try to maintain a correct rhythm and tempo. But above all, have fun, and understand that playing this game better is a journey, not a destination.


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Golf Lessons for Beginners- Get Started the Right Way

Golf Lessons for Beginners Should Come from a Pro

How does a novice golfer get started? You should always start with a few lessons, and advice for beginners is the way everyone should start.  The game of golf is an amazing leisure activity. It is challenging and offers all golf players an opportunity for every day exercise. With this in mind, how does a novice golfer get started?

Beginner golf lessons should be the first item on the list for any new golfer. Like any other sport, golf requires hand eye coordination and a good understanding of golf swing basics. It is possible to read golfing magazines or learn by trial and error, however,  this procedure can cause frustration and disappointment.

Learn a Sound Golf Swing when Just Starting Out

Precise facts and proper golf swing instruction will offer any beginning golf player the essential basis for developing a sound golf swing. There is no “magic technique” that will generate a great golf swing and low scores. The road to enjoying the sport and improving one’s playing capability lies in  solid  fundamentals. These fundamentals involve: alignment, grip, stance, swing plane, and pre-shot routine. Let’s examine all of these.


Proper alignment to the golf ball is a necessity for striking straight golf shots. Aim it crooked and you will hit it crooked. To assure correct alignment to the golf ball, the feet, knees, hips, and shoulders need to be square and on a similar line. If any of these components function in opposition to one another, the correct sequence in the golf swing will be derailed. One can easily apply correct alignment around the house with the use of a mirror.

A great golfing grip is the basis of a repeating golf swing. Grip the club incorrectly, and it becomes almost impossible to hit consistent golf shots. Put the hands on the club correctly, and the golf club should be in the proper place during the golf swing. A beginning golfer can acquire basic information on the grip from golfing periodicals and videos. However, to supplement this information, an individual must get beginner golf lessons from a qualified golf instructor.

Golf Lessons for Beginners Is Learning Golf Swing Basics the Right Way

The stance is yet another key component of golf swing basics. Placing the feet properly will permit a golfer to correctly switch weight during the golf swing. Golf is a sport that is played from the feet up. A good stance, with excellent balance and sound foot work, will lead to straight  golf shots.

Golf Swing Plane

What is a swing plane? It’s not as complex as it sounds. The golf swing plane is the path which the golf club travels on the back swing, and returns on during the downswing. A one plane golf swing pertains to keeping the club on a similar arc throughout the complete golf swing.

There are different swing plane variations; however, the beginning golfer should concentrate on using a one plane golf swing. Doing so will present the best opportunity for developing a consistent golf swing.

The last component of our golf swing instruction basics is the preshot routine. This relates to selecting a target, approaching the ball, and setting up in the stance. A good preshot routine includes consistently repeating these steps before every single golf shot. This process results in a positive mental strategy and belief in one’s ability to execute the shot at hand.

Any starting golfer who learns these basics will find enjoyment in the sport of golf.


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Golfing Advice for Beginning Golfers Starting to Learn the Game

Some Random Golfing Advice for those Starting Out

Although it is fairly simple to find golfing advice for newcomers through the web, most articles and training systems omit some factors that are essential for beginning golfers. Listed below are some of the less-known golfing advice we suggest for the new golfer.

1.  Pick the right clubs. Youngsters and juniors require clubs that are designed suitably for their size. Many young golf players start off by learn making use of their parents’ golf clubs, but unfortunately this is simply not the right path to grasp the particular skills young enthusiasts will need, and can also contribute to negative swing routines. See additional information on golf instruction here.

2.  Understand and observe the rudimentary protocols. This means your conduct on the golf course. As an example, the majority of new players are unaware of the correct method to go in and out of a sand trap. It’s likely that they not know why that rake is sitting there, or that if they ground their golf club, they will be violating a rule. These are ways we can improve golf that more experienced golfers can help. As you engage in a game with a less experienced player, talk about whatever you can with regard to the rules and typical golf course manners.

GOLF Magazine The Best Driving Instruction Book Ever!

GOLF Magazine The Best Driving Instruction Book Ever!

3.  Take a lesson.  Most new players will endeavor to teach themselves the principles of the swing. This may be a lengthy, trying process. Perhaps the best golf game strategies for beginning golfers would be to take a lesson or maybe two from a person that has knowledge of the mechanics for a perfect swing action. The golf instructor can help the new player get set up the right way, describe the entire golf swing procedure, and even analyze the golf swing action at that moment. There are some great resources on golf lessons for beginners here.

4.  The golf club takeaway.  Of special relevance to beginning golfers is the takeaway. Most newcomers will most likely whip the golf club back with a overly firm grasp. The proper takeaway for a golf swing is very important to your entire swing action. All the new players definitely should comprehend that they don’t have to draw the golf club back quickly to come into the ball strongly to develop a great strike.

5.  Practice.  Most importantly, probably the most fundamental golfing advice for beginning golfers will be to practice and develop the right swing. Here is a pastime that needs hands-on exercise routine, not only with the driver but also with all the various golf clubs, along with the golf putter. You won’t become an expert in the swing action unless you dedicate enough time and hard work to get familiar with every single club and consequently comprehend precisely how the golf ball responds for your motion.


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Great Ebook Offer
Great Ebook Offer

Every golfer feels stress when playing golf, and this book gives proven ways to deal with it. Take a look at this book, as I think it will provide some pointers that can really help you on the golf course.


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