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The Consistent Golf Swing Plane- It Will Give You a Consistent Swing

The Path Your Club Travels is the Golf Swing Plane

The consistent golf swing plane is a major fundamental of the swing. Basically described, the golf swing plane is the path that the golf club travels in the course of the swing. A consistent plane should maintain the club on a similar arc for every swing.  Visualize  a large pane of glass which runs from the ball to just above the shoulders. The arms and club must remain beneath the pane of glass throughout the swing.


This Concept Will Give You a More Consistent Swing

By consistently repeating the same swing plane, a golfer can boost their golf ball striking as a result of solid contact at impact. This is one of the swing tips that will improve your accuracy, increase distance, and reduce your golf scores.

The golf swing planes will differ from individual to individual based on a player’s height and address position. A taller golfer does  have a far more upright plane while a shorter golfer should have a flatter plane. The lengthier the club you use, the flatter the golf swing plane becomes. Various factors influencing the swing plane are spine angle, head position, distance from the ball, and hip rotation.

Swing Like A Pro: Breakthrough Scientific Method Of Perfecting Your Golf Swing

Swing Like A Pro: Breakthrough Scientific Method Of Perfecting Your Golf Swing

The golf swing plane is made up of three parts: the back swing, the downswing, and the follow through. Now there is  the one plane golf swing and the two plane golf swing.  A proper  golf swing arc is started by turning the shoulders and hips while allowing the arms and hands to lift in reaction to this movement. The lifting of the hands or arms separate of this turning movement can crack the imaginary glass pane and take the club off the meant arc.

Keeping a constant golf club head  position, consistent spine angle (no lifting of the upper body), and repeatable address position (space from  the ball), shall also ensure that the club is remaining on the same swing path throughout the swing.

There are many golf swing plane drills to assist golfers work on enhancing their golf swing plane. Listed below are a few of the swing plane tips I work on to help me stay consistent with my plane:

  • As the club goes back and up on the back swing, have the butt end of the club facing an imaginary line which is drawn straight back from the golf ball.
  • Maintain the spine angle as this will hold your swing plane far more consistent…Feel as though you are sitting down throughout the golf swing
  • As you start the downswing return the club on the same path as the back swing…Feel as though you have a one plane swing
  • Maintain a consistent head position all through the swing
  • Do not  sway off the ball during the back swing
  • Work on good balance during the entire golf swing
  • Feel as if you stay straight down and under the imaginary pane of glass

The golf swing plane can appear complex and tricky to understand.  Work on these tips every single time you go to the practice range. I know these ideas can help you develop a a lot more consistent swing plane which will trigger lower golf scores.  Check out our other golf site for more information on golf.


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Golf Back Swing- What Are We Trying to Achieve With It

Advice for Improving Your Back Swing

A certainty in the is that you just are not able to constantly strike a golf ball without an effective golf back swing.  And the principles which have evolved with the back swing within the past 75 years have been dramatic.  But the current increase with distance and accuracy, while frequently being attributed to improved golf equipment, perhaps more acknowledgment needs to be given to a superior effectiveness that pro golfers possess with their back swing method.  We should now point out a few of those efficiencies for this swing tip.

Back Swing Techniques Have Evolved in 60 Years

The old method, which began to alter about 60 years back, concerned rolling the wrists and then having an open golf club face on the top.  The difficulty arrived when the golf club head approached the ball, because the

Correct Back Swing

club face to be able to move into the required square position at contact had to become adjusted for getting there.  As pros work on their games so much, as a rule their practiced timing brought the golf club into position.  However there existed quite a lot of margin for error.

In our day the thought process would be to maintain the club face as closed as possible through the entire golf back swing devoid of ever having to work your club face back in the square point. To perform that needs several swing keys which the golfer might find unfamiliar and could seem to some extent uncomfortable, but when they can be mastered ought to give a superior, more dependable ball striking.  This will also result, needless to say, with improved distance and more accuracy.

The Hand Press- The First Move in the Golf Back Swing

The very first move with the golf back swing should involve a activate move.  Many golfers use the forward press to transition you from the still place to smoothly transitioning you into the back swing.  The frontwards press is a very small forward advance of the hands previous to the take back.  Various players have different trigger mechanisms; the point is let’s say you are to have a good back swing you require one.

The Picture-Perfect Golf Swing

The Picture-Perfect Golf Swing

The following point becomes a key, which is the location with the hands while taking the golf club back, or the backward wrist break.  Instead of lifting the club and rolling the wrists as you take your club backward, undertake this approach.  Bring the back of the right hand straight back as if it were going to stretch out touching the rear of the right wrist, if it were able to hinge that extensively.  The right hand should remain at right angle and perpendicular with the ground.  Turn and allow the arms to take the club into full back swing position.

When completed as it should, there shouldn’t ever be a wrist roll as well as club face should be closed at the top of your back swing.  Do not trouble yourself with how far you take the golf club back.  Just reach back as far as you can but not lose stability or making you stretch out too far.  As you bring the golf club downward and the club face comes into the ball, there should be no manipulation necessary to get the club face to where it needs to be.  Simply bring the golf club through the proper plane, and the majority of those variables that go into striking a ball consistently will disappear.


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Enhancing Your Golf Backswing Gets You Started to a Proper Swing

Enhancing Your Golf Back Swing

Golf is among the games that can be performed terribly if you are having an off day. Starting by enhancing your golf back swing will be your first step.  Apart from carrying out exercise programs, pro golfers observe a videotape of their swings to see the place they went wrong. For individuals to better themselves, these folks many times try to study their golf backswing.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a new golfer or an expert.  If you would want to get your skills heading up a notch, you need to know that it isn’t impossible to get your swing where you want it. The back swing is the first place that you start out to study and improve your Listed below are a few guidelines to make the golf back swing your start to a good swing, and a good round of golf.

When Enhancing Your Golf Back Swing, Start with Posture

Prior to you starting to attain that perfect swing, you need to make sure that you are perfect in your posture, stance and alignment to the ball. You have to be composed but relaxed. This additionally implies that you need to have a good grip as the club before you start your back swing.

A miss-hit and  bad aim are the results of a muscles or a back swing that is too tight. You have to be sure that the feet are not too close together so as to have the proper weight distribution in your back swing. The feet must be in correct separation to one another. Feet which are too far apart can result in being imbalanced.  We all understand that the intent of a back swing is to offer the golfer a good place to start the actual golf swing, but you ought to be aware not to lift the golf club head quickly.

Bear in mind that if you would like to increase your results, you have to commit to practicing a lot. If you want a great swing you need to commit time and effort to perfecting and honing it. Muscle recall is a huge factor. If you keep training your body you can learn the mechanics of using all the muscle groups for enhancing your golf backswing.


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Correct a Golf Slice With Two Simple Swing Keys

Correcting a Golf Slice Isn’t that Hard

The golf slice is one of the most frustrating problems to correct for many golfers, but how to correct a golf slice is not that difficult if the causes of why a golf ball slices are clearly understood.  But before we give you the key to cure that slice, take a few deep breaths and SLOW DOWN your swing. Everything will fall into place if you think three-quarter speed.

The Key Is in Keeping a Proper Swing Path

The major key today that we will address to fix the golf slice is proper swing path. Because the golf swing is circular, that is the club head starts off behind our head, swings around our body and ends up behind our head, it may seem physically impossible to not impart spin on a ball. But at the point of contact do not think circular. Let me explain.

How to Feel a Real Golf Swing: Mind-Body Techniques from Two of Golf''s Greatest Teachers

How to Feel a Real Golf Swing: Mind-Body Techniques from Two of Golf”s Greatest Teachers

If you were to look down at the ball, imagine the ball moving in flight. For the right handed golfer, if the ball is spinning in a clockwise direction the ball will slice, or move in the direction toward which the ball is spinning. Of course, for the left handed golfer the opposite holds. The objective to fix the golf slice is to eliminate this spin with the use of an inside to outside swing.

How to Eliminate the Spin

How do we keep from hitting the ball with spin? If, by looking down at the ball, we were to imagine it as a clock with twelve o’clock being the direction we want the ball to go, if we were to make first contact on the ball at seven o’clock and hit through the ball to the one o’clock position, we would impart very little spin on the ball, and therefore giving the ball a straight flight, or possibly a counter clockwise, or hook spin.

Now of course this wouldn’t be difficult to correct if not for the fact that we are swinging, to some degree, around our body in somewhat of a circular motion. So just before impact and just after, we must think of the club taking an almost inside out path. This is not as difficult as it seems. To fix the problem, practice doing two things:

1. Close the stance slightly. In other words, make sure the front foot is slightly closer to the ball than the back foot.

2. Position the ball farther back in your stance. Most of us have the tendency to move the ball forward, sometimes even past our front foot, making it nearly impossible to reach that “one o’clock” position on the golf ball.  Consistently adhering to those two swing keys will do wonders for the fix the golf slice. Of course some practice to fine-tune those techniques for your swing will be necessary.

So much of golf is mental, and training your mind for your golf game can be just as vital to good golf as working on your swing.  Check out site www.  for more information on this important and interesting topic.



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Improving Your Golf Swing- What Are the Best Methods

The Best Methods for Improving Your Golf Swing

Many people enjoy the game of golf. Improving your golf swing as part of the game can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It can be a great family activity for those that want to get child sized clubs for the younger members of the family. As you learn more about the game, improving your swing will be something you look forward to work on, as then it will be developing techniques you will have learned through instruction, such as how to draw the ball.

Improving Your Golf Swing Will Require Work

Of course, you may need to practice a quite a bit before becoming good at it. One of the keys to becoming a good golfer is to continually work on improving your golf swing. The more you work at this skill, the better at the game you will get. Use these handy hints to help you improve work on your swing basics.

There’s a myth about hitting into the wind, and the myth is that you need to hit the ball harder. What happens is if you hit harder, the ball actually rises higher plus you put unwanted spin on it. All that means is you’ll lose control and accuracy of the ball. So what you then will do is move the ball back in your stance just a little, a very few inches or so. Then in addition to that adjustment, you want to place your hands a bit forward. Finally, your choice of club; use one that is longer than that which you would normally be using. Then just hit the ball like normal without hitting harder. When you do this, just watch and see how much more control you have plus better accuracy.

How to Feel a Real Golf Swing: Mind-Body Techniques from Two of Golf''s Greatest Teachers

How to Feel a Real Golf Swing: Mind-Body Techniques from Two of Golf”s Greatest Teachers

The inside of your right foot is where you need to place your body weight. For those who are just starting out, they really need to learn this about weight distribution. So what you’ll do is sort of ‘rest’ on the right knee so you’ll have a better chance of generating more natural power. If you don’t master putting your weight on that right knee your swing is going to be all over the place (and so will your ball)! Your consistency will also be improved the more you can be steady in your swing. Think of your right leg as a column.

Improving Your Golf Swing in Windy Conditions

Back to windy conditions – remember to lighten up a little on the swing; and then swing easier. We discussed windy conditions, but again if you hit too hard your trajectory will really suffer from it. Remember what Greg Norman said, “swing easy into the breezy.” It seems like common sense that when you’re hitting into the wind, well… just hit it harder. But it’s just that force and power are not always necessary. Swinging easy helps you to maintain control over the ball. Just remember that handy phrase and you’ll be fine on the windy days.

You can try various methods to improve your golf swing. In fact, helping to improve golf swings is what many people pay good money to learn how to do when they first start out in the game. This is the primary goal of the many people who teach golf lessons and classes. You can also improve your golf swing on your own by implementing these tips. Last but not least, remember to check out this article on where to purchase Ten Minute Trainer from.


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Simple Golf Swing Tips for the Long Game

Simple Golf Swing- Hitting a Driver

Keeping the golf swing simple will do more for your golf long game than any single bit of advice.   We established this site because we think we can help.  Many of us think driving a golf ball long and accurately, and consistently, is probably the most satisfying things you can be good at in golf.  Having a consistent golf swing with the proper fundamentals will not only improve your golf drive distance, but it will lower your golf score.  Read our list of articles on this site for insights, swing analysis with videos, and much more information on a variety of subjects that make up the golf long game.

How Do We Get a Consistent Golf Swing

On these pages we will emphasize simplicity, or less is more.  The more we get into golf instruction the more complicated the game becomes. Instead of staying with the basics we add layer after layer to the swing, resulting in a golf swing so complex that even a highly accomplished golfer couldn’t maintain it on a consistent basis.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

When we observe a professional golfer’s swing, we are often amazed at how effortless their swing seems to be, yet how the ball literally explodes off the club face.  But if that same professional  started adding more things to that swing to get just a few more yards even they, with all the hours they devote to the game, would not be able to maintain their former consistency.  So our objective is for you to get a simple golf swing, and soon the results will be there.

Fundamentals Are a Key to the Golf Long Game

Whereas we could say that the short game brings into play more of the mental aspects of golf (see, or “the game within the game”, the golf long game is more about precision, mechanics, and keeping those swing keys consistent.  It takes a while for many of us to learn that the distance we hit a golf ball is not a byproduct of greater effort.  Because the harder we swing, the tighter our muscles become, and as we tighten up the quickness necessary for club-head speed becomes less.

As a result, the harder we swing, the shorter the ball travels.  So on these pages we will emphasize not trying to mash the ball with all your might, but keep the swing simple and tailor it to your individual golfing strengths.  You will be amazed to hit the ball further with less effort.



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Great Ebook Offer
Great Ebook Offer

Every golfer feels stress when playing golf, and this book gives proven ways to deal with it. Take a look at this book, as I think it will provide some pointers that can really help you on the golf course.


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