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Cardinal Rules of Golf

Cardinal Rules of Golf that will Enhance Your Game

We believe you will find a number of rules of golf that if everyone adhered to them on the course it would improve the game even more.  Mind you, for the most part golfers put most of these unwritten rules into practice most of the time, but being human we all slip up.  So let’s say this will be merely a pleasant reminder of a few cardinal rules of golf we should always (or never) do around the golf course.

Here Are Seven things to Always Follow


1.    At all times treat the course with respect.  Restore your divots with a divot mix, that material which is in the plastic jugs on the golf carts.  Sometimes that is hard to remember when admiring your last brilliant golf shot, nevertheless it’s good getting in the habit.  Also, on the golf green a ball mark left unattended can take two to three weeks to repair by itself, but one that will be properly repaired might take three days.

2.    Choose the right golf club.  For the most part amateurs use a golf club designed to get them to their target on their top day in ideal conditions, which almost always will leave them short.  Make use of additional club but swing at 80%, like most professionals do, and you will get there more frequently.

3.    Putt the golf ball on every occasion you are able to around the green.  Lob shots might be very beautiful, but unless you happen to be really good at playing them, they aren’t high-percentage shots.  There are going to be times where you must play this shot, however putt the golf ball whenever you can.

4.    Keep the head steady.  If you can keep the head steady in the course of the swing, you can eliminate many swing flaws.  Hitting a golf ball is easier than striking a baseball, as it doesn’t move.  The more you move your head throughout the golf swing, the more the golf ball is going to appear to be in motion.  Keeping a steady head will simplify your golf swing.

5.    Never give your spouse guidance.  I understand you’re thinking that you are doing them a big favor, however trust me, it always ends up bad.

6.    When you are able to use a golf tee, use it.  Which is of course only in the tee area.  It is far less difficult for getting a shot airborne when the ball is setting up, and as Jack Nicklaus said, “I’ve learned the air offers less resistance than dirt.”

7.    Be open to golf advice.  Not to say you ought to modify your swing whenever you read about some can’t-miss idea, because if you do your golf swing will forever be an image of chaos.  But learning fresh or different approaches for the game will allow you to be in a position to adapt different concepts to your golf swing, in addition to your game.  And bear in mind, as you age your golf swing might need to adapt.  Your golf swing is not exactly the same now as it was 20 years ago, and naturally the equipment is way unlike, as well.

Playing a game of golf can be a joy, but not if you’re constantly beating yourself up due to bad play.  It happens to everybody, so keep a sense of humor and a little perspective while at the course.  A wayward round of golf does not imply you aren’t in spite of everything a first-rate individual.

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