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Golf Tee Times Online- Here’s How to Book

Whenever you are booking your golf tee times online, you take advantage of the most efficient means to save lots of time.  Why the smart shopper buys online are easy. The old way we used to book a tee time was to call a golf course and hope the golf tee times when you might play was still not taken. If not, on for a second choice. When booking your online golf tee time nowadays, those problems are a thing of the past.

Advantages of Booking Discount Golf Tee Times Online

Some of the reasons the online reserving services are taking over are:

  • Choices. You’ll have a number of courses at your disposal, and it is possible for you to click to the golf course and find out a little about it if it’s your initial visit.  This would include amenities and golf course information, scorecard, amenities, instructions to the course, and also weather forecasts.
  • Discount tee times.  Booking your over the internet tee times allows you to take advantage of deals, and several of them are quite generous. In addition you won’t have to go digging for them, as their discounted tee times will be presented on the area’s golf page.
  • Convenience. You are free to reserve a web-based golf tee time 24/7.
  • Simplicity. The easy-to-navigate internet site makes booking your golf tee times a snap, much less difficult than making air travel reservations.

If you have watched the Golf Channel, you are probably familiar with the online tee-time booking website called GolfNow.  After checking some of the most prominent of these sites, we are now partnering with GolfNow because of the number of high quality golf courses they have in their inventory, plus their easy to navigate website.  They now have over 2000 golf courses in the US, Canada and Ireland, and are putting on more all the time.  And always check for discounted tee times, as you can play many of these courses for much less than if you just called the course on your own.  Click on the banner and check it out.

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