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Augusta National Golf Course

Cool Facts about the Augusta National Golf Course

A few years ago I was fortunate to attend the The Masters golf tournament.  It was not only one of my most unforgettable golf experiences, but that same course that I’ve spent years watching on TV had a far dissimilar appearance in person.  My initial thought about the Augusta National Golf Course was the contour with the course: the contours are much steeper than they seem on television.  For example, the fairway on the eighteenth hole is much steeper by plenty than the appearance portrays on television.


Another impression was the dimensions of the practice area.  That area was so tight that the players would drive the ball off the practice tee right into a huge net.  As compared with the contemporary courses today, where you’ll find immense land areas to work with, Augusta National is actually an old course.  When it had been built, players didn’t whack the ball for the huge distances they do today, so they’ve outgrown the driving area.  I watched Padraig Harrington on the range strike balls three-quarters the way up this massive net.

Augusta National during the Master’s is Unspoiled Beauty

Augusta National gives the look of being what heaven must look like to the golfer, particularly when it is in complete bloom in early April.  It is more unspoiled and beautiful than what is captured on television.  And they still keep the Southern hospitality and charm, even though the wealth of the golf club becomes pretty evident.  They even then were serving homemade sandwiches (for less than $3) and snacks that were so inexpensive for an event such as this I could scarcely believe it.  The tournament most likely always has maintained its Southern charm, however the wealth has not always been there.

The property was an indigo farm when it had been purchased by a Belgian baron in 1857.  The son, who had been a horticulturist, imported plants and trees that turned the estate into a nursery, which the land owes much of its beauty to this day.  The nursery ceased operations in 1918.


Augusta National’s Founder Is the Great Bobby Jones

The great golfer Bobby Jones originated the concept of building a course at this empty section of real estate, and then the golf course was completed in 1933.  The club nearly went bankrupt in those depression years, and so the golf course designer Alistair Mackenzie was paid just $2000 of the $10000 he was owed.  The first tournament was held March 22, 1934, with the total purse for the twelve professionals participating was $5000.  To be able to gather this amount, the association would ask the members for contributions, since the club and the tournament continued to lose money in those initial years and all through World War II.

The post-war boom time ultimately produced some financial relief, and in the 1950s the tournament particularly and golf in general, helped to make this one of the golden eras of sports entertainment within the United States.  CBS has televised the Masters each year ever since 1956.  It’s beyond doubt develop into one of the leading events in all sports, and for a person at this time living through cold winters, it is the event that basically begins the golf time of year.


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