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One of my favorite past-times, and something I always love to talk about, is golf.  And that includes all aspects of the game, from topics on new golf equipment to great places to play.  On our website we will talk about all of these topics, and many more.  I have played on some great courses around North America and Europe, and want to relate some of those experiences to our visitors.

But mostly we want to talk about how we can improve our golf game.  We always take the approach that there are no magic bullets to playing better.  What helps some may not work for others.  And as we age, we have to make adjustments in our game to keep our play at its optimum.  For most golfers we emphasize keeping everything simple and uncomplicated, rather than adding things to the golf swing that cause confusion.  Again, not everything will work for everyone, but there will be something in the approaches we take to the golf swing that you can take away and improve your game.

My name is Sean O’Kelly, and I have been a golf enthusiast for over forty years.  But quite frankly, I didn’t start understanding the game until about ten years ago, when I semi-retired and headed to the golf course almost every day.  There I talked with the golf pro and spent hours working on various aspects of the game.  They say most people don’t become proficient at a physical task until they become too old to put it to use, so they teach.  I have always enjoyed breaking things down and passing that knowledge along, and that’s what I’ll be doing here.

We invite you to visit our site on a regular basis, and if you like what you see, give us your email address on one of our pages.  We will send you our newsletter on interesting golf topics, plus bargains on what we feel are worthwhile golf products to enhance your game.  Please feel free to let us know what you think about our site.

Great Ebook Offer
Great Ebook Offer

Every golfer feels stress when playing golf, and this book gives proven ways to deal with it. Take a look at this book, as I think it will provide some pointers that can really help you on the golf course.


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